1. bebsy

    Triumph cam jig offset

    Tooth alignment offset...???
  2. kwimmer

    **SOLD** Cam jig and clutch removal tools

    Sold my Rocket , 2008 Classic. No longer have need for Cam Jig Tool or Clutch Removal Tool. Cam jig T3880202 with 20mm modified open end wrenches $50.00 US plus shipping from WA State EBC Clutch removal tool Just shipping charges
  3. Journeyman28778

    Cam Jig Tool - Need?

    Hey fellas, I just pulled a valve shim and see that the manual (p 3.18) requires a Cam Jig Tool (#T3880202) for reassembly. I've pulled the cams on a Bonneville and Thunderbird Sport years back and was able to lock the cams in with a simple bolt, but apparently the Rocket is a little more...
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