1. PekkaVu

    OBD OBD2 diagnostics tool for Anroid

    Hi guys, What tool can you recommend to download Tune Ecu to Rocket 3R. With Android phone. Maybe not the cheapest? Amatzon.com is the place I would order from.
  2. Nungers

    Dealer Tool or OBDlink

    I am looking for a bit of advice or input from those of you that use Dealer Tool or the OBDlink. Pros and cons of each and which one you prefer. I want it for a R3 and also the wife's Tiger 900
  3. RhinoOK

    Tool kit missing extension socket

    The tool kit on my 2020 3R has e slots with nothing in them and missing the "Extension socket for footrests, gear and brake pedals" as listed in the owners manual. R and GT owners does your kit have this tool? The part dept at the dealer says they cannot order it and implies I must live without...
  4. Mike Rocket

    Dealer tool Question

    Has anybody used the dealer tool to (the one you can purchase from the web) bleed out the ABS unit on a Rocket 3?
  5. VABird

    Want to Buy Alternator rotor removal tool

    Does anyone in USA have one that they'd like to sell or lend? T3880200 It fits T-Bird or R3 Please PM me.
  6. VABird

    Alternator rotor removal tool

    Does anyone in USA have one that they'd like to sell or lend? T3880200 It fits T-Bird or R3
  7. Mike Rocket

    Adaptor front fork cyl tool

    Does anybody know what the what the adaptor front fork cyl. tool is for, part number: 3880090-T0301 listed on the triumph parts website?
  8. Wadejesu

    Tool Kit

    While inventorying the R3 huge and elaborate tool kit, I noticed socket extensions (1) mentioned in Owner manual were missing. Did you all get yours?
  9. leatal

    Inexpensive crimping tool?

    Anyone know of a good inexpensive crimping tool that I can purchase to make R/R extension harness? Thanks.
  10. kwimmer

    **SOLD** Cam jig and clutch removal tools

    Sold my Rocket , 2008 Classic. No longer have need for Cam Jig Tool or Clutch Removal Tool. Cam jig T3880202 with 20mm modified open end wrenches $50.00 US plus shipping from WA State EBC Clutch removal tool Just shipping charges
  11. Journeyman

    Size of Fork Seal Driver Tool?

    I'm getting ready to change the springs, seals, and oil in my '11 Roadster and thinking of getting the seal driver tool. I've seen the homemade versions, but figure with my luck I'll bugger a seal, spring a leak, and then have to rinse and repeat the whole job. Question: what size tool do I...