1. WRB

    Hello R3owners

    I'm Bill Burnette. I recently purchased a used 2015 Rocket 3 Touring with 1500 miles on it . I am very impressed with this bike, also very supprised at the going prices for these machines. A lot of value for little price. I was disappointed this particular model was discontinued. I...
  2. Micksan

    I need a very straightforward answer. I do not want to have a repeat

    Some years ago I purchased a used 2005 R3. I did not know it for a couple of weeks. Enjoyed it. Then I found out it had more problems than a preacher arrested in a whore house on Saturday night. Some were the fault of the previous owner. He had spliced in wires, then removed w/o resealing...
  3. Pauls999

    What type of electrical connectors are used on the Rocket 3r

    I'm just putting on a tail tidy to my Rocket 3r but I have a little issue. The existing wiring loom for the stock tail lights and indicators is too long for the new position for the indicators under the seat and then too short to reach the number plate on the rear hub. So the easiest and tidiest...
  4. Stan

    getting used to it!

    So far I had few days on the new Rocket3 still getting used to it and not pushing the limits I can def say that its a mad bike and I am glad to own this beast. coming from M109 there are not a lot of bikes out there that can make me smile. This bike is another level in "cruiser" market.
  5. Mike Rocket

    Dealer tool Question

    Has anybody used the dealer tool to (the one you can purchase from the web) bleed out the ABS unit on a Rocket 3?
  6. Joesmoe

    **SOLD** Viking 3-into-1 complete system, Touring, used

    $900.00 plus shipping. This system has about 2,000 miles on it. You see the heat discoloration at the bell, and there are some black stains on the bottom header from inadvertent contacts with my overpants. The pictured heat shield will be included.
  7. Mark Johnson

    Want to Buy Used Carpenter pipe

    ISO a good used Carpenter header. The straight tube only please, chrome or raw stainless. Message or email me picture and cost please.
  8. Ishrub

    For Sale Screens new and used Fly , Roadster, Classic - time to thin them out before our spring.

    Screens new and used Fly , Roadster, Classic - time to thin them out before our spring. New: Factory Flys in Claret -CT, Scorched Yellow -FG FLY SCREEN - COLOUR COORDINATED A9748045 - ## Requires Front End Fixing Kit A9738051 SPORTSCREEN A9748048 Requires Front End Fixing Kit A9738051...


    Hi, guys, I'm looking at buying rocket 3 too, but in Moscow there are only 2011 models and earlier. Yesterday I found a pretty good specimen of 2008. The service center inspected the bike, the gearbox is normal, the frame is whole and level, there are a couple of 'scratches' from falls, but...
  10. tails

    For Sale UK only: set of used METZ tires

    used done 500 miles, rear has had a repair,no problems pics if needed £80.00 the pair. bham.
  11. Ishrub

    For Sale Touring TORs - used on UK eBay

    Listed by a new forum member from Bracknell, United Kingdom, who has also started a thread with a link to their Becker R3 lift. Triumph Rocket 3 Touring exhaust assy. (TORS) Triumph Off Road Silencers | eBay
  12. Ishrub

    For Sale Factory Clear Sports Flyscreen excellent condition used

    Factory Clear Sports Flyscreen excellent condition 2nd hand screen with a new in box fork fixing kit. SPORTSCREEN A9748048 Requires Front End Fixing Kit A9738051 Au$350 + New in Box Fork Fixing Kit $100 + postage = $450 (US$306) + postage. Now available with or without Brand new Triumph...
  13. Jared

    Used motorcycle loan recommendations?

    I just discovered that my current lender will not allow me to pay extra on top of the designated monthly payment. I find that to be incredibly dirty, so I want to change lenders, as I intend to pay extra on top of my loan and pay it off well before the full 48 months. I was hoping I could get a...
  14. Joesmoe

    For Sale Hagon Nitro set, used, stock height, $300.00 shipped

    These shocks I purchased from @idk a while back, came off his bike, from a group buy on this site. hagon nitro shocks These are listed by Hagon as "black", but the only black pieces are the ends, and the springs and shafts are silver. You decide. These are stock length - 320mm (or 12-1/2")...
  15. Ishrub

    For Sale Factory Clear Sports Flyscreen excellent condition used

    Factory Clear Sports Flyscreen excellent condition 2nd hand screen with a new in box fork fixing kit. Au$280 + box fork fixing kit $100 + postage = $380 + postage. Save Au$156 all up with fork fixing kit. Au$392.89 plus postage from Triumph Australia. Sport Screen | Triumph Motorcycles...
  16. 9Ball

    ** SOLD ** New never used Rocket 3 final drive

    2005 through 2010 Rocket 3 Standard...see the listed links for actual fitment info. I bought this final drive as a spare right after I bought my 2007 R3 standard. I read of numerous problems with premature final drive failure back in 2007 and had intentions of putting a lot of miles on my bike...
  17. Ishrub

    Want to Buy **FOUND** Stock used R3 cams for mild regrind

    Does any one have any stock used R3 cams suitable for a mild regrind? Any offers? + Postage which would be to Duffy ACT 2611 AUSTRALIA
  18. Boss man

    Want to Buy Looking for front wheel for 07 standard

    in need of a front wheel for my 07 standard found the wheel cracked during the refinish process after being laid down to avoid a car. I am open to a set or just front wheel. Also open to ther suggestions .
  19. BigNorm

    How much are used TORS

    The pipe I want is in. I need to sell my TORs to pay for it. How much is a fair price for a pair of used pipes?
  20. Msmitch459

    Has anyone used the Raptor ZR?

    https://www.tirerack.com/cart/HoldingArea.jsp?hideOptionError=true I currently ride Yokohama 225/55R16 with over 22K miles. She's showing slight ware so I'm just starting to look.