1. RocketManCleveland

    Wiring Aftermarket rear blinkers/indicators on rocket 3r

    I removed the stock components including the rear tire fender. Installing fender eliminator...however the wiring from the stock aparatus remains on the swingarm. there is also a wiring underneath the rear brakelight. Can anyone please steer me in the right direction on which ones to wire before...
  2. PiratePete

    Aftermarket Exhausts?

    Any links to aftermarket exhausts?
  3. Blair

    Aftermarket Cables

    Hey, I'm interested in switching out the handlebars on my 2011 Roadster for something a little more fancy, but I'm trying to determine how much of a pain it would be to do. So far I have been unable to find any aftermarket source of longer cables, and was hoping someone might have some wisdom...
  4. Riotmanss

    Aftermarket Windscreen

    Has anyone seen the Puig windscreen for the R3 in the wild yet (N.A.)? I think it looks more appealing than the Powerbronze. Hoping our sponsor has them on the way?
  5. Stan

    Aftermarket badges and decals

    can someone please recommend a good aftermarket place that makes good tank badges and decals for triumph. thank you
  6. Ishrub

    Triumph bearing part numbers and an aftermarket supplier and another with part number descriptions for some Triumph bearings and related parts. T3800083...
  7. Tripps

    Aftermarket exhaust Competition Werkes to release Triumph Rocket 3 GP Slip-On Exhaust.
  8. Rocket_Rider

    Aftermarket bars

    Hi all, has anyone fit aftermarket bars to a touring? I’m specifically curious about Burleigh Bars but interested to hear anyone else’s experience.... I get shoulder and upper back pain on long hauls.... think I need to come up and back a bit on the bars
  9. tribal

    Help: Need Correct oil level min/max marks on aftermarket oil temperature dipstick

    Hello. Does anyone use this temperature dipstick below (from Normally I change my oil at home and use my OEM dipstick to check oil levels. I meant to scratch some marks on the temperature dipstick but never did - the marks on it are not correct for an R3. I changed my...
  10. J

    Aftermarket windshield for 2.5L R3

    Powerbronze uk. 3 different sizes. This is the small
  11. BDClone

    Aftermarket Exhaust Gaskets

    My Carpenter's exhaust is being delivered today. I ordered new exhaust gaskets 3 weeks ago from bike bandit. Still haven't shipped. I know I can order them online from other sites but is there an aftermarket replacement that I can purchase locally from auto parts store here in the US?
  12. sonny

    aftermarket cams.

    OK it is my understanding that you need a power commander hooked up if you plan on running the aftermarket cams from the man in the tin shed. This way you can get the **** thing dyno with out any issues. Correct so far or are we all Fuc3ed up? Other question is do you leave the power commander...
  13. thorin

    Reference library or Factory/aftermarket parts list?

    hey all, some time ago i ruminated about the need for the ability of a member to save or archive specific posts that may be of interest to him/her. while there was some favorable responses to the idea, there hasn't been any traction. we all see newbies as well as long time members asking about...
  14. Boss man

    Want to Buy Looking for front wheel for 07 standard

    in need of a front wheel for my 07 standard found the wheel cracked during the refinish process after being laid down to avoid a car. I am open to a set or just front wheel. Also open to ther suggestions .
  15. B&W

    Aftermarket end cans?

    Anyone fitted Delkevic end cans? Any good or any problems with fueling etc?
  16. sonny

    Aftermarket turn signals.

    I have spent a lot of time searching the net with no luck on fork relocation brackets for turn signals that fit the Rocket. Very disappointed in what is offered. I guess only Harley riders matter. Working on a making brackets that replaces the stock turn signal brackets. Hate after thought...
  17. atjurhs

    looking for aftermarket chrome headlights

    hi guys, can someone point me to where i can find chrome headlights, not just the bezel ring, but the whole headlight? my 2017 r3 came with what look like triumph generic black headlights, and the paint doesn't even match the rest of the bike! so i'd like to replace them, but i don't see them...
  18. Rhino

    Nice to be here

    Hello and thanks for having me. I am a big fan of the rocket ,am currently on my fourth and I feel the most comfortable one, an 06 classic. All 3 other rockets were stock. This one I just purchased has pipes and power commander, ran fine when test road and 3 hour ride home. On closer look, seen...
  19. Rob_The_Builder

    Aftermarket exhaust supertrapp setup

    So with the help of mully95 I bought and installed a supertrapp exhaust on my bike. For more on that you can refer to this thread: Anyone tried XB Extremeblasters? Originally I installed it without the mid pipe and with factory TOR map and it sounded great but I think the engine was running...
  20. mr hunt

    Aftermarket clutches

    Open question all...I'm about to replace the steels/fibres. OEM delivered to OZ is around AUD700 or about USD500. Looks like I can order a heavy duty set from barrnet or MTC for half that amount. Does anyone have experience with either of these brands or an equivalent?
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