throttle body

  1. turbomrk

    Hesitation and backfire through throttle body at 2000 to 3000 rpm

    My 2011 Roadster is popping back through throttle body and hesitating at 2000 to 3000 rpm. Since replacing MAP sensor and vacuum lines. Symptoms were similar but much worse when the sensor sent a code. I replaced it but it's not back to 100 percent. Any ideas what else.? Coil connections are...
  2. Aftermarket throttle body

    Aftermarket throttle body assembly
  3. R-III-R Turbo

    How To Balance / Sync Throttles

    Due to a few requests on my Youtube channel, coupled with a lack of a sticky/central thread on here, I took an hour on rainy Saturday and made this video showing how to balance or synchronise the throttles on the Rocket III. Hopefully it will be of some use.
  4. slydog75

    Throttle Body Balancing... This is bad right?

    So I just got TuneECU working after recieving my Lonetec cable. I just got this bike 2 weeks ago. It has an intermittent high idle issue and some popping on idle as well. This is what I found upon connecting TuneECU.. Could this be causing my issues:
  5. CrzystghndKC

    Just a little advice.

    Playing with my new Tunecu I have found the throttles on the 05 to be out of balance. Cylinders 2 & 3 are dead even at 640 but #1 is only at 560 . Should I figure what's up with #1 before try to match #2&3? TIA
  6. Joesmoe

    Broken bolt in block under throttle body adapter - what now ?

    Buy a new engine ? I'm in the process of putting the bike back together after changing out the cams. Go to torque down the throttle body adapter boots (pair of 8mm flange bolts to each) to the manual-stated 12 Nm, and broke the head off one of the bolts, about 3 mm into the block. I have...
  7. Marcin

    Throttle body need adjustment?

    Throttle body need adjustment? Or it's ok?
  8. Turk

    The beast is sneezing. Any ideas?

    Hi guys Any wonder if anyone knows a remedy for this issue. On cold days when I start my bike she kinda sneezes. I mean literally sounds like she is sneezing. It goes away once the bike warms up. I haven;t located where the sound is exactly coming from but kind of feel like it is a blow back...
  9. hoopla

    Throttle body injection connectors

    PCV install, with stock filter system, 2016 Roadster To get at these little buggers,:unsure: I assume you have to start with the throttle body intake plenum, remove from the throttle bodies and intake duct and work backwards from these to expose the connectors, or is there an easier way. Are...
  10. sleeves

    Throttle body balancing and Tune ECU

    Okay this should be easily answered. I have many times balanced the throttle bodies on R3's, without the stock air box its pretty easy while using Tune ECU. No problems with this. From reading other threads I know that the vacuum hoses crack with age and may need replacing. I'm also OK with...
  11. Wrecka

    Want to Buy Throttle body to Head adaptor

    Need to buy a secondhand Throttle body to Head adaptor , Triumph Australia has none , I have one on back order will take 6 weeks to arrive , looking for a secondhand one in the short term to keep me mobile. Part number is T1243500 here's a pic if anyone knows of a bike wreckrs parting out a...
  12. Bedifferent

    ISCV Reset... Throttle Body Balance Question??

    I have read over the thread on balancing throttle bodies and it was fairly well explained. I did have a question which is to follow later..... So I hooked up TuneECU today to see if I needed to try and balance my throttle bodies. Basically, 1 & 2 are pretty close (in spite of the screen...
  13. Paul Jacobs

    White smoke from throttle body one

    Today I replaced the throttle cables, while the filter was off I started the engine to test the cable. When I turned the engine off I had white smoke emanating from the front throttle body. Any ideas? Should I be concerned. I think fuel use has increased recently but no hard evadance.
  14. Boog

    The Brahma Drama...Aka Throttle Body Issue

    Brahma is home from the hospital. 3.5 weeks of not being ridden has taken an emotional toll on the stalwart though. He is happy to be on the road once more though but not yet back to full health. Here is the breakdown: Last fall, I noticed that the idle was high even after riding for 30 minutes...