1. Mehecan

    Throttle cable snapped

    Hey everyone, new here and new to the awesome power of R3s. Unfortunately, a snapped throttle cable tore all the power from me... Had to limp her home using vice grips. I've ordered a new cable but wondering will I have to lift the tank off to complete this repair myself? Anyone have tip/tricks...
  2. bebsy

    Broken exhaust mount on the frame

    First run out for seems like forever, just given it a once over for tmrw and noticed the mount that holds my platts shorties in place has broken off at the frame wandering if anyone else has had this problem and what would be the best fix so it doesn't happen again in my lifetime cheers
  3. johnreeder

    Broken shifter

    Looking for a shifter lever for 2008 or newer Tourer. Mine broke in two.
  4. Cherokeekid78

    Clutch switch broken

    So today my clutch switch broke in the housing. To start my bike I have to hold the little pin in the switch to complete the circuit then start the bike. Is there a quick fix that I can do to avoid having to do manually hold the pin in? I'm planning on riding to the dragon's back tomorrow so...
  5. TXtriple

    Want to Buy Your BROKEN oil pressure sending unit (switch).

    I'm trying to fab an adapter to fit an actual oil pressure gauge and hate to destroy a new one experimenting. I just need the metal part that screws into the engine...doesn't matter if the plastic top is broken off. Anybody have one laying around? Thanks!
  6. Longrider

    Want to Buy Not too broken, broken Radiator

    I need a broken radiator that is not too broken. I have a friend who builds radiators and is keen to build a custom one for me and if he can take his time the cost will be reduced greatly. The object is to build a narrower multi core radiator and we need an intact radiator to get the fitment...
  7. Bull

    What to do with a broken clock?

    Like most, my Triumph clock hasn't worked for years. Has anyone tried putting a new mechanism in it? I was also thinking maybe you could use it to house a gear indicator??? Any bright ideas?
  8. AmLit

    Broken Beaver

    ive Got a relay out on a dual headlight Eastern Beaver setup. The relay is a SHORI ELECTRIC S11-1A-C1-12VDC, since I don’t want to wait two weeks for one to ship from Taiwan, I am wondering if anyone has replaced theirs with a different relay? Which one? Also, any issues switching to LED...
  9. Joesmoe

    Broken bolt in block under throttle body adapter - what now ?

    Buy a new engine ? I'm in the process of putting the bike back together after changing out the cams. Go to torque down the throttle body adapter boots (pair of 8mm flange bolts to each) to the manual-stated 12 Nm, and broke the head off one of the bolts, about 3 mm into the block. I have...
  10. TheRedBaron


    My 2015 Rocket Roadster X, just over 10,000 miles and the gearbox is er...has stopped working. It all happened in one day, having travelled about 30 miles. Closing the throttle in 2nd, whilst approaching traffic lights and roundabouts, caused a rattling noise from the LH side of the gearbox...