eastern beaver

  1. geno

    Eastern Beaver w/light c/o switch?

    I have the EB that was sent to me with two 20amp fuses; I need to know which fuse number on the oem fuse block does the pos & neg wires go to. Thanks guys and of course "Be Safe!
  2. geno

    Eastern beaver

    I just ordered the EB dual headlight/ignition bypass harness, I've learned from you guys that installing this would improve the brightness and power to the headlights, can someone tell me if it also brightens up the signals also? "Thanks everyone and Be Safe!
  3. geno

    "easy Start Headlight Control Module vs eastern beaver?

    I'm thinking of removing my easy start module and installing EB kit; as long as i don't have to stuff all those easy start plugs inside the headlight bowls, does anyone know if their is plenty of room to put the headlights back together without the need for a third hand? "Thanks All & Be Safe!
  4. geno

    "Eastern beaver kit vs New Bonneville kit"

    Is the dual headlight kit that is sold from New Bonneville the same as the eastern beaver kit, i have the dual headlight kit from New Bonneville and when i need to turn the headlights on i simply flip the headlights to high and than back to low and they stay on but not bright' Would anyone know...
  5. AmLit

    Broken Beaver

    ive Got a relay out on a dual headlight Eastern Beaver setup. The relay is a SHORI ELECTRIC S11-1A-C1-12VDC, since I don’t want to wait two weeks for one to ship from Taiwan, I am wondering if anyone has replaced theirs with a different relay? Which one? Also, any issues switching to LED...