r3 classic

  1. R3spain

    New in the group

    Hi Folks. Just arrived. R3 Classic 2010, from Spain. Bought a couple of months ago. Pleased to join this forum.
  2. vindex1963

    My 2006 R3 Classic dyno

    Here it is 140hp 154tq runs much smoother and the power is now everywhere. He said it low rpm was lean and high rpm was rich. Overall it's a much more responsive, better running bike. Canned maps are fine but a modified bike really does need to have a custom tune. I started this thread because...
  3. C

    R3 Classic headlight bracket

    Hi all. Discovered a fair bit of rust on the headlight bracket with paint peeling off. Is there an easy way to remove this bracket for a clean-up and repainted? The grommets and stays are inserted in the top and bottom of the fork spacers. Can't see any other way than disassembling the whole...
  4. vindex1963

    Will an engine guard from a 2007 and up fit my 2006 R3 Classic

    My left engine guard looks like it broke at one time and was welded, the weld is cracking. There's one available that I'll buy if it fits.
  5. Guppies10

    Good day and hello

    Hi I'm Neil from s Wales hopefully picking up an r3 classic on weekend am currently riding intruder m1800 the one I'm looking to buy is an 09 with 11000 miles it has had a lot of work done to it custom paint, seat, exhausts, really looking forward to it hopefully it will have big grin factor...
  6. Ishrub

    **SOLD** R3 Classic and Std / Roadster full screens not Fly

    Yeah I have 3-4 complete, + my own with extra blades. 1 brand new complete kit and one brand new screen no mounts. I also have brand new boxed fork fixing kits that fit these and Triumph Fly-screens. MORE PHOTOS ON REQUEST.
  7. Bob R

    2007 R3 Classic for sale on local CL ($2800)

    Looks like a nice clean R3 for sale on the local CL. Owner states it has tranny issues so it may be an opportunity for someone to buy at a reasonable price and fix yourself. 2007 Triumph Rocket III Thanks to WildBill for the heads up so it could be posted here. bob
  8. 1K9

    Want to Buy Front discs for R3 Classic

    Looking for a set of front brake discs for an 07 Classic. I understand that the Daytona 955 and others fit. Please PM me.
  9. stollydriver

    Iron Maiden R3 classic

  10. SoUrPuSs

    R3 classic foot control alternatives?

    i have a 09 r3 classic I’m 6ft and the controls are just to cramped where they are I bought the refined cycles controls I did not like them at all ther garbage to flimsy to many nuts and bolts to free up I locktited everything rode my bike twice managed to loose a nut which caused to loose rear...
  11. J

    Want to Buy Full Jardine Exhaust for 2007 R3 Classic

    Name your price and please send a PM. New or used I am interested in the slashcut 3 to 2. I am locayed in Colorado, US. Thanks all!
  12. rocketrookie

    R3 Classic Touring seat

    Can anyone with this seat advise if any other brands of rider backrests will fit the square hole for backrest? I found a touring seat with the hole for a backrest at a dealer for $186. But they said the backrest is out of stock.
  13. Ishrub

    For Sale R3 Classic rear guard Pacific Blue and Aluminium Silver - New Condition

    Comes with tail light etc. Came from a bloke who made up Rocket trikes so appears new unfitted. And yes I got the other bits too and more;):D Brand new swing arm and diff, starter motor etc. Can remove lights before shipping if not wanted. Any interest?
  14. Lenny

    Question about '07 R3 Classic

    I have searched but cant find what i am looking for....ok it is my understanding that the touring model is a detuned version of the roadster right?... now i think the touring came out in 08 (i think).... now my question is, lets say a 2005-07, classic or standard are they more "mod friendly"...
  15. 1BigDog

    R3 classic question

    OK, don't read too much into this.....yet. I have been eyeing some classics these past few days and I notice that some have pegs while others have boards. I would definitely need a board. Now, getting a bit deeper, I see where some boards are fairly flat and others have an upward pitch to them...
  16. cskals

    Finally got myself a R3 Classic

    2005 Classic. Crazy about the darn thing:):)
  17. tfrazier

    Need handlebar gauges and hand controls to get my R3 classic on the road again

    Hey guys and gals, I crashed my 2008 R3 Classic back in November and am trying to scrounge up parts to get her back on the road now that my three broken ribs, punctured lung, and three fractured vertebrae have healed up. I bought a used 2011 Moto Guzzi Norge to ride while I'm sourcing parts...
  18. Dain

    R3 classic exhaust to R3 Roadster

    Hi, This is Dain with Triple D Racing. Had a customer ask me to do an exhaust for him, but he wants a Roadster put on his classic. I told him I would do a search for him and let him know. Well it seams it is easier then I thought. There is only 4 parts needed to convert to my Roadster set-up...
  19. dougl

    For Sale 2007 R3 Classic

    Want to sell my 2007 Rocket III Classic, 7371 miles. This Rocket has custom yellow paint with gold ghost flames, full Jardine exhaust with wrapped header, Progressive 444 shocks, Progressive fork springs, roadster screen, lower deflectors, detachable saddlebags, touring seat with rider backrest...
  20. chrisdouglas

    R3 Classic - exhaust pipes

    I have an R3 classic 2009 with 3 pipes [2 one side and one the other] does anyone reckon that I could replace these with one exhaust either side like the roadster/tourer to make the back end symmetrical?
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