r3 classic

  1. Dain

    R3 classic exhaust to R3 Roadster

    Hi, This is Dain with Triple D Racing. Had a customer ask me to do an exhaust for him, but he wants a Roadster put on his classic. I told him I would do a search for him and let him know. Well it seams it is easier then I thought. There is only 4 parts needed to convert to my Roadster set-up...
  2. dougl

    For Sale 2007 R3 Classic

    Want to sell my 2007 Rocket III Classic, 7371 miles. This Rocket has custom yellow paint with gold ghost flames, full Jardine exhaust with wrapped header, Progressive 444 shocks, Progressive fork springs, roadster screen, lower deflectors, detachable saddlebags, touring seat with rider backrest...
  3. chrisdouglas

    R3 Classic - exhaust pipes

    I have an R3 classic 2009 with 3 pipes [2 one side and one the other] does anyone reckon that I could replace these with one exhaust either side like the roadster/tourer to make the back end symmetrical?
  4. chrisdouglas

    My R3 classic won't start sometimes.

    My R3 classic has started to not start. The battery is charged and the clock says the right time. I put the key in and turn it to the start position expecting it to light up the dials and push the petrol gauge dial around and back down and make that reassuring whirring BUT it appears to be dead...
  5. R3 touring bags on a classic/roadster

    Well I am a picky bastard and I want what isn't made. So I started a project this winter of making my 07 classic more like a touring. You know, with the hard bags and dual exhausts, just not the skinny ass rear rim or the annoying gauge cluster in the tank. Although I would love a teardrop...
  6. Basher052

    2007 r3 Classic needs new shoes

    Ok guys, please don't flame. I know there are tire threads all over, but I can't find the best sizes for my R3 anywhere. I'm wanting to run with the Bstone Excedra Max rear and an Avon Cobra front. Last I had written down was 150/89R17 & 240/55R16. Am I close?