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  • Dougl you still around?
    I would like to talk Rocket with you. I live in Reno and have a R3T 2014. I would like to better understand how you have used TuneECU
    Let me know if you are still out here.
    did you sell the bird? have you decided whats next.
    I sold the bird and am now brooding about getting a Roadster but I don't like the rearward controls. This cam stuff means nothing to me. Racing on the streets of Reno has gotten me nothing but speeding tickets. At 66, I've outgrown that.
    Hey Dougl Family and I are heading up to Reno for a couple days, will be staying at the Silver Legacy till Monday morning, if your gonna be around I'd like to buy you a beer and introduce myself, give me a call if you want 925 628 8709
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