1. r3badboy


    Howdy, have a 2010 ecu, wiring harness & gauges (mph) Would this setup be ok to run on a 2016 roadster engine Cheers 😎
  2. Mouth

    Gauges dead while riding, now won't start

    While riding along the other day the gauges went off (needles froze in position and LCD went off) but it didn't affect the ride at all, 10 mins later they sprung back to life. Fast forward to today and the same thing happened except this time I had to stop before they came back on, now the bike...
  3. John Miller

    OBD2 Scanner for additional Gauges for my Rocket

    I am keen to try two different scanner packages on my rocket, I really wanted live coolant temp, voltage, engine load and maybe fuel consumption data for my reference. There are quite a few scanner options out there none are waterproof so I will need to ensure the instrument can remain dry, bit...
  4. Mhboldt

    Moving Roadster gauges forward and down

    Hello everyone! I'm looking at the signs of spring coming, and wanted to get a start on a mod i was picturing over the winter. I have the insanely awesome, why doesn't everyone have this, DeCosse keyless ignition setup on my 14 R3R, and do not use the ignition switch. I am thinking about...
  5. Ishrub

    Oil tank temp gauges - cheap as

    I bought a couple of these a few weeks ago for me and @Turk from an Aussie supplier- now I find them here half the price with FREE INTL post. :(:banghead:;):D Now: They will fit our tanks and you could file our oil level marks into the stick or use your eyes and estimate within a couple of mm...
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Installing Oil Pressure and Water temp Gauges

    I want to install an electric oil pressure and water temp gauges. Been looking at gauges, cups, adapters and other paraphernalia to do it. Have any of you guys done it ? What did you use ? How did you hook it up ? Got pictures ?
  7. tfrazier

    Need handlebar gauges and hand controls to get my R3 classic on the road again

    Hey guys and gals, I crashed my 2008 R3 Classic back in November and am trying to scrounge up parts to get her back on the road now that my three broken ribs, punctured lung, and three fractured vertebrae have healed up. I bought a used 2011 Moto Guzzi Norge to ride while I'm sourcing parts...
  8. Kim Turner

    Gauges glass replacement 07 Classic

    Has anybody replaced the glass themselves, or know of any company that does this? Have speedo gauges needing new glass? Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you
  9. Skililo

    Fuel Pump Relay clicking and gauges flashing

    Fuel Pump Relay and Alarm Control Unit by Skililo posted Aug 20, 2016 at 7:14 PM I have a 2013 Rocket III Roadster After several months of wiring drama, my gauges are now flashing synchronously and the fuel pump relay is clicking on and off. I suspect the issue is with the Green/Red wire shown...
  10. Ishrub

    Oil temp gauges for oil tank?

    Does anyone know if the now unavailable Triumph Rocket oil temp gauge for oil tank is the same diameter plug as the version for the HD SoftTail '00 up? CUSTOM CHROME Oil Temp Dip Stick AUD$59.95 Approximately US$46.19 FREE Standard Shipping in Australia CUSTOM CHROME Oil Temp Dip Stick S/Tail'00up
  11. Dennis B.

    Where are you finding this stuff?

    I've noticed a lot of R3 owners with an assortment of accessories, additions, & mods done to their beasts and was wondering, if it is not custom, where are you finding this stuff?