1. Normen


    Staying in a traffic jam and a obd-bluetooth-dongle a play with it a little bit. Works for me... I used a no name dongle, an Android-phone and torque pro from the playstore. My dongle has a problem with the reconnection (only with the rocket - with my volkswagen it works perfect). I have...
  2. tripX


    Hi again , to connect to the ecu what is the correct obd for the rocket. Will any obd2 suit or must be a specific one. Cheers
  3. John Miller

    OBD2 Scanner for additional Gauges for my Rocket

    I am keen to try two different scanner packages on my rocket, I really wanted live coolant temp, voltage, engine load and maybe fuel consumption data for my reference. There are quite a few scanner options out there none are waterproof so I will need to ensure the instrument can remain dry, bit...
  4. ChrisACT

    Tuning Tools

    I've been looking at alternatives to Dyno tuning. I realise getting my bike to a quality Dyno with people who know what they're doing is the best way to get the tune spot on but I'm not aware of any good ones in Canberra, let alone any who can/will tune a bike without a PCV. I'd love to go...