1. Jagster

    Rocket 3 de-restriction & Dyno run - YouTube video

    Here's an interesting step by step video. Give the guy a 'like'........He might be encouraged to do more 'how to's on the Rocket3 :) I'm a bit clueless when it comes down to the nitty gritty of preset riding modes and the subject of tuning, so I found this video quite helpful as an initial...
  2. REBLX136


    Someone on Facebook claims to have flashed their ECU with a map from these, the result being the bike now see’s 100% throttle in sport mode but the top end remains limited. the site provides limited info and has some glaring errors in the description so I’m dubious at best...
  3. Jimbo74

    New member looking for tuning advice.

    Hello all. Im in the U.K. and I have a2015 roadster which I imported from Australia. I’ve just fit Dave Platt Outlaw exhausts and already have a K&N filter. I’m hoping somebody can help me with some tuning advice as I’m starting to get confused. I took it to a local dyno tuner but he wouldn’t...
  4. Tazithman

    Tuning 07 classic (questions)

    I have a triple K&N system on the way and was wondering if I needed to change the tune if the exhaust stays stock. Basically will just the intake swap make the mix more lean if exhaust is unchanged. I have ordered a viking 3-1 from Paul on the forum but sadly it will take a few months to get...
  5. Rocket_Rider

    Tuning help

    Dear Brains trust, So I have a set of TORS and a RAMAIR kit on the way to me. I also have a Lonelec cable and have tune ecu on android and in windows xp running in parallels on my Mac. Bike is currently stock touring. Once I install the highflow exhaust and air filter, what’s the current...
  6. FreightTrainIII

    '14 R3R Tune

    Hey everyone! New to the forum after 2 years of R3 ownership and I've recently been lurking in the resources for a tune. I hate to be "that guy" but I can't seem to find a tune for my bike. 2014 R3R. I have a 3-1 Viking exhaust ready to be installed and I am now waiting for PC-V with autotune...
  7. K&N

    Dead gas gauge post tuning..

    Apologies if this is a repeat, however, after an ECU update, the averaging circuit for the gas gauge can be discharged and take some time to ramp up. Don't worry, the gauge will start working again after driving a while. Cheers.
  8. dubdub

    Tuning Advice

    Okay so I have a 2013 R3R have added Ramair and Dave Platt Outlaw exhaust what is my best option for tuning i cant seem to find that combo in tunecu Im not going to be looking for wringing the last bit of horsepower out of the bike just something safe for the engine there is a dyno tuner...
  9. skaarlaj

    Tuning in my area

    Hello all, I'm considering adding Carpenter exhaust and a Ram air intake to my 2016 Roadster. At the moment, I'm bone stock. The only thing that is holding me back is the tuning aspect of the whole thing. I'm just looking for recommendations on who in my area / (if any) know these Rockets...
  10. Neville Lush


    This is what happens with a slip-on muffler and a RAMAIR and no tune. Despite all advice to the contrary this guy brought his bike in on a trailer. I let it idle for a while until it was up to 80 deg C , then rode it gently to warm the tyre etc before baseline testing the bike. Up to about 1/4...
  11. Alex Dem

    R3T Trunk tuning

    There is couple photos of my R3T trunk. This is only base for next tuning (white stripe on the cover, lights on trunk + lights and stop-light on grill), but now I have it already, I can put my helmets into the trunk. I am happy, and I ready for long trip... )))
  12. Rhymel

    Muffler tuning (exhaust) question

    Hey guys I had my '14 Rocket Roadster for over a month. It came with aftermarket pipes, all welded from header to mufflers from 3 to 1 to 2. Both of my mufflers had no baffles, so I was able to get a couple to bolt into the mufflers to help quiet it down just a little, and it makes an awsome...
  13. Penner

    Early Roadster Tuning 3-1

    I got a 2011 Roadster with a 3in1 exhaust. It had the small KNs and removed secondaries. I made a map for it and finally removed the muffler from the can.
  14. Neville Lush

    Plea for tuning help.

    Hi all. I have a gentleman in Santa Monica who needs to get someone who can actually tune a motorcycle, to tune his rocket. He has engaged a person who seems, to be polite, no-one who is going to work for NASA anytime soon. The guy is stuck,and I feel bound to help him as he bought some gear...
  15. ChrisACT

    Tuning Tools

    I've been looking at alternatives to Dyno tuning. I realise getting my bike to a quality Dyno with people who know what they're doing is the best way to get the tune spot on but I'm not aware of any good ones in Canberra, let alone any who can/will tune a bike without a PCV. I'd love to go...
  16. Penner

    Mild tuning cam

    Left side is the stock intake cam Right side the stock exhaust cam For some reason Triumph made the exhaust cam bigger As there will be quite a few cams around that have been replaced by tuning cams, it should be easy to get a stock ex-cam and use it at intake. The power gain will not be huge...
  17. Penner

    Ignition tables and tuning

    This is torque graph in Nm (250 is about 185 ftlb) with different ignition advances. (10-30 degrees BTDC). It was done at WOT with a Rocket Roadster that had high compression pistons, cams and open intake and exhaust. If you got something similar, you should not only take care of fueling but...
  18. JAM

    Starting and tuning R3 after 3 years of storage

    Hello. New to the R3 Owners group, though I have had my 2006 Classic for a few years now (Cherry and New England White, 3200 mi). Made a mistake: left bike stored much longer than I ever imagined, 3 years, and with fuel still in the tank. So...where do I start in getting her going again? Not an...
  19. Penner

    Tuning Video Part 2

    The hp is european standard at clutch. Rear wheel is about 10-12 hp less. With the 260 cam, bellmouth intake, some headwork and a wide open muffler we tuned another Rocket to 213hp (202 rwhp). All of it was done with stock headers. A good header with this configuration might add another 10-15hp...