1. Jagster

    Rocket 3 de-restriction & Dyno run - YouTube video

    Here's an interesting step by step video. Give the guy a 'like'........He might be encouraged to do more 'how to's on the Rocket3 :) I'm a bit clueless when it comes down to the nitty gritty of preset riding modes and the subject of tuning, so I found this video quite helpful as an initial...
  2. Darkside Debunked by YouTube Motorcycle Messiah

    It's official, Ryan has spoken to the masses and declared the Darkside deadly and put his own life in jeopardy to prove that it is an evil thing to do. Finally, a definitive end-all experiment backed by seemingly knowledgeable scientific facts to single handedly end the debate and declare the...
  3. Allan S

    Youtube on new Rocket

  4. Boony

    New Rocket 3 on Youtube

    Not a video but a series of photos. Looks interesting
  5. BigNorm

    My first YouTube video

    I removed my secondaries today. I had my air filters off for cleaning so I thought what the HECK. Here goes nothin'.
  6. TheWhingnut

    My Youtube Channel and the road block

    Well fellow rocket pilots. i have hit a point in my channel where its just blah, but i got to thinking about what fellow Rocket riders would want to see. i do not see a lot of videos out there for mods to rockets or basic maintenance ( i filmed an oil change and the whole **** thing was out of...