1. barneytheweasel

    Suggestions for rear darkside

    I have owned and ridden my Rocket for the past 17 years and for the past 12 years run rear CT's. 225/50 or 55's. Any ideas on the best tire to run by brand and type? Thanks....
  2. Front Tire Darkside

    Gone to the darkside with the rear tire. I LOVE IT. Looking to put a rear tire on the front. I love to get input on tire brand, size and handling
  3. Titanium mountain

    Titanium mountain

    A mining region with an industrial past. Ideal for dark bikes
  4. Darkside Debunked by YouTube Motorcycle Messiah

    It's official, Ryan has spoken to the masses and declared the Darkside deadly and put his own life in jeopardy to prove that it is an evil thing to do. Finally, a definitive end-all experiment backed by seemingly knowledgeable scientific facts to single handedly end the debate and declare the...
  5. 1olbull

    Best Darkside Review

    The choice is yours, Amigos.
  6. CCjon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    Just picked up a 2011 R3 to be the replacement tug for a sidecar camper set up. Will be replacing a well traveled worn out vstrom1000. The objective is not speed but torque and reliability. Am pushing a lot of air with the broad flat front end. Any recommended sources for R3 aftermarket parts...
  7. jjerdonjr

    Anyone go to the Darkside?

    I've been on the fence about going to the Darkside and putting a car tire on my 14 R3T. I can see how it would get better tread life on flat Street roads but I live in Eastern Tennessee and the roads are far from straight. I ride the Tail of the Dragon, Copperhead run, the snake and all the...
  8. Marc Habel

    Darkside Weight Limitation

    So my wife and I are......sizeable, and the both of us on the Rocket III and stock rear tire are dangerous due to the weight limitations of the tire. Does going to the dark side alleviate that issue?
  9. 1olbull

    Mom and the Darkside

    As some of you know, my Mom recently passes away after a 91 year long spirited & full life. She wished cremation & I dutifully followed her wishes. Just now I received this advertisement for Cremation Urns. This is stated to be "Loving Swans Sculpted Companion Cremation Urn". I poop you not! My...
  10. RocketMan3


    Hey guys just gone over to the darkside. I see the guys are using 245, 225, 215. I went the 245. Now the change over went fine no problems at all. Until I notice this on the left side the tyre is rubbing on the drive shaft. Plenty of room on the right side though. So has anyone had this...
  11. Skanska161

    Going to the Dark Side

    Just ordered and new Parelli 205/60-16 tire. Putting it on my 2008 touring. Anyone have experience with it? I’m mostly doing it because now that i have done some mods I can’t keep from burning the back tire. Hopefully the car tire gets more traction? What you guys think???
  12. sonny

    Good bye Darkside

    Just ordered a Exedra Max 240/55r16 and a Michelin Scorcher 140/75r17. Anybody try the Scorcher yet? Figured I'll give it a shot and see how it works out on the Rocket.:):):):):):)
  13. BillyIndiana

    Eldon goes Darkside

    Eldon is a friend of mine. He got his 2015 R3T in the fall. I got mine this spring. We live about an hour apart. This past week we went to the Midwest Triumph Riders Rally in Salem Indiana. Saturday evening after the ride we decided to head out to the campground everyone was at on the back...
  14. Namikuz

    Darkside converted.....

    I CUT the junk Metzler off the wheel from my '05 classic. On went a 245/50-16 Sumitomo HTR4. So much better than that worn flat, brick hard, (dot dated 2809) doughnut 240/50-16. I've had the HTR4 on hopped up turbo cars and they work well.....so why not the Rocket! And I like it. Took about 20...
  15. Zonechamp

    I said I would never do it, but...........

    Over the past few years I've read enough Darkside threads, pro's and con's to drive myself crazy. So I said to heck with it and I am just going to try it for myself, if it sucks I'll just take it off. Being in Canada tires are expensive and not always available, not to mention I am 200km from...
  16. jaredmt

    Darkside with 11.5" 444 shocks?

    Some progressive 444 series 11.5" shocks. Stock is 12.5" I believe. Anyone have any problems or see any problems with this? Thanks!
  17. Dennis B.

    Darkside- front/rear combo.

    Ever since I owned my 2007 R3 Classic, I've been continuing to use the Metzeler recommended for the Beast. Now, I'm contemplating going to the Darkside. So my question is what brand & size for the rear is recommended. Also, what front tire would you recommend in combination. On a sidenote...
  18. Wannbe

    Not a darkside thread!!!

    Like I said, this is not a ds thread. I'm not looking to be berated for having a square tire on a motorcycle. It is just some pics of a recent ride. I wore out the original rear tire with 4400 miles on it and was about to lose the weekend of riding so I put a 225 on that is rated for 168 mph...
  19. Elvis

    Left the Darkside, returned to an Avon

    Wow, it has been 14k miles since I last rode on an AVON on the rear. I got used to the bike practically holding itself up at lights and the easier stopping footage. It is like learning to ride all over again. I couldn't even remember what Pressure I used to run but remembered it was similar to...
  20. Rich Brewer

    Wanting to test the waters of the darkside.

    So I have been looking at some posts and checking out tire sizes. What would be my perimeters for an '06 Rocket III? is the original 240/50 r16 on it right now but its looking a little light on miles. I was hoping for some sort of street performance tire...