rear shocks

  1. Steve Judd

    Progressive rear shocks

    Hello all, I’m chasing some new Progressive rear shocks for my R3. Can’t locate in Australia. Part numbers I have been given don’t show up anything with Progressive for a R3. Which are 444-4213B. I’m told there are Harley shocks from Progressive that will fit a R3. Is this correct ? If so does...
  2. CCjon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    Just picked up a 2011 R3 to be the replacement tug for a sidecar camper set up. Will be replacing a well traveled worn out vstrom1000. The objective is not speed but torque and reliability. Am pushing a lot of air with the broad flat front end. Any recommended sources for R3 aftermarket parts...
  3. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Rear shock chrome cover

    Ordered some new rear shocks, nothing too exotic, YSS Z Series, good for the amount I want to spend to try something different from stock. I had a thought though, I often ride 2 up, and the new shocks (and most I see as replacements) do not have the upside-down chrome cup at the top for want of...
  4. ** SOLD ** Hagon nitro rear shocks

  5. Mike188

    New Rear Shocks

    Ok, so I am thinking/finally getting around to changing the rear shocks and front springs. Front springs are easy, they will be replaced with progressive and 7 weight oil. Rear shocks? I am leaning towards the Progressive 444 13 inch Heavy Duty. Opions? I mainly do solo but Linda (wife) goes...
  6. Comotion

    For Sale R3 Touring Instrument Cluster, stock exhaust, rear shocks

    I have an instrument cluster for a 2011 R3 Touring. I bought it new trying to remedy a fuel gage that wasn't working. It seems the cluster wasn't the issue, and due to a test ride, the odometer now has 5 miles on it. I also have the stock exhaust and rear shocks for sale. I am located in the...
  7. Punker

    Hagon rear shocks

    Hi Guys. What’s your thoughts on the Hagon rear shocks. I’m replacing mine next month and the write ups are pretty good. Been quoted £365 for a pair. Are there better ones out there for the same price or cheaper. Cheers
  8. Slim Pickens

    444 rear shocks

    Can anyone tell me a part number that will fit a 2017 roadster? Progressive seems to stop listing numbers after 2014. Many thanks
  9. Bigj1955

    Ride Sucks

    Lately I have been experiencing some really harsh (painful) riding on my R3R. Just realized that I have lost 50lbs (374-324) since I first bought the bike, and think that probably has something to do with the spine crushing going on. When I took delivery they maxed out the shocks because of my...