triple tree

  1. Devildawg

    Remove Top Triple Tree (Rivco Risers)

    Hey! I am trying to put risers on a 17 Roadster. The brake cable is routed through the front and needs to be behind the top triple tree. I would prefer to not disconnect the brake line. Is pulling the top triple tree off a viable option (so the brake does not have to be disconnected), if it is...
  2. CCjon

    2011 Triple Tree Parts Numbers changed

    Need help figuring out what changed on the front end of a 2011 Rocket. Am talking with rake kit manufacturers about making a 5 degree rake kit for my sidecar project. We discovered that there are two different part numbers listed for the 2011 upper yokes, lower yokes and the tubes, depending on...
  3. CCjon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    Just picked up a 2011 R3 to be the replacement tug for a sidecar camper set up. Will be replacing a well traveled worn out vstrom1000. The objective is not speed but torque and reliability. Am pushing a lot of air with the broad flat front end. Any recommended sources for R3 aftermarket parts...