Rear shock chrome cover


May 7, 2014
Brighton UK
2011 Roadster in Red Haze; Honda Blackbird
Ordered some new rear shocks, nothing too exotic, YSS Z Series, good for the amount I want to spend to try something different from stock. I had a thought though, I often ride 2 up, and the new shocks (and most I see as replacements) do not have the upside-down chrome cup at the top for want of a better term.

Ever been any reports of the pillion getting their leg / clothing pinched in it? She knows not to stick her foot in the rear wheel if stretching he leg and not wear a flimsy dress, so a corner case for sure. Anyone? Someone from the tassly trousers brigade?

Not my bike in the picture, just a stock image, Not my missus in the second either, unfortunately :(


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