1. elgaucho73

    Top Suspension Adjustment for Rocket 3 with col and Zig!

    Easy, very clear and quick Suspension Adjustment for my Rocket 3 R....this Setup works perfect for me....thanks so much to col and Zig! Great Work! Video Suspension Setup ROCKET 3
  2. Jay

    Electronic Suspension Options?

    Triumph demo truck spent the weekend at my local dealer this past week and turnout was slow, so I spent Saturday riding all the models I had time for. Took the Rockets out three times, because I had to. I took the 2023 Speed Triple 1200RR out for one of the sessions and almost bought it...
  3. Jay

    Trying to ID Plastic Part on Fork Damper Rod

    I am changing the fork oil in my 2013 R3T and decided to dismantle them to inspect the fork innards. Unfortunately I broke the little black ring on the damper rod in one of the forks. I am assuming this part aids guiding the damper rod and affecting the fluid flow by the way it is shaped. I...
  4. ArekDeBoss

    Suspension set up

    I am after sugestions for suspension set up for 2021 GT I'm a quite a heavy fella - 120kg and found suspension quite hard on my back. So what are you suggestions? Thanks
  5. 5011man

    Suspension bottoming out

    I hit a rather large pot hole the other day and noticed a clunk when I did. It sounded like the fork bottoming out. Today I hit a pretty big bump at speed heading up a hill and heard the same thing again. Anyone familiar with this experience?
  6. Magoo69

    2020 R3 GT suspension upgrades

    Hi guys, I love my 2020 R3 GT but I find the ride quality a bit lacking for my taste and for the conditions of the pavement around here(Massachusetts). I’ve softened everything as much as I can but still find it harsh‘ish . Does anybody offer suspension tuning for the R3 ? Thanks
  7. atomsplitter

    T-120 Suspension

    I have my Bobber front end off to get the Matris emulators installed, so I have been riding the T-120 Black for the past few months and generally enjoying the experience. Yesterday Tom (son-in-law) and I went for a ride around the area, one that we've done numerous times, however due to the...
  8. Ishrub

    FOURNALES Air SUSPENSION for Motorcycles and Rocket IIIs

    TRIUMPH ROCKET III 2300, Length 325mm, Magnum, Part no. MA 03 0068, Pressure 17.5 FOURNALES SUSPENSION SA, based in the south of France near Toulouse, has been designing and manufacturing their oleopneumatic shock absorbers since 1978. Company founder Jean-Pierre Fournales was initially a...
  9. atomsplitter

    Bobber Suspension Mods

    I posted the first ride resulted in a need for suspension upgrades. I ordered an Ohlins TR729 shock and the FKS-219 Fork Emulator Kit. The emulators were shipped from Italy because nobody had them stateside. Ordered the rear shock from AJS and they sent in a special order to Ohlins (my lard...
  10. sunny

    How to adjust suspension ? Rocket 3R

    hi, I am 135pounds / 60kg. I feel my rear suspension is hard, i feel bumps hard on rear suspension, In manual it says you can adjust them, can someone help me with it please? I dont understand which setting does what? there are 3 types of rear suspension adjustments
  11. buddazero

    Motorcycle Creaking / Grinding Sound?

    Hello, I have a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018, sometimes over the past couple of weeks, I would sometimes hear a creaking sound, or something grinding. I can feel it at my feet, it feels like something is grinding, It's not the breaks. I just got my Rocket fully serviced also. This creaking /...