1. SteelBeard

    Recommended Upgrades

    With any new bike comes the new quest for comfort and power. I've searched through the many posts around the forum and am looking for any additional upgrade recommendations outside of my current plans. Corbin dual back seat Viking Bags Odin's Rivco Risers Ramair air filter kit Dave Platt slash...
  2. Magoo69

    2020 R3 GT suspension upgrades

    Hi guys, I love my 2020 R3 GT but I find the ride quality a bit lacking for my taste and for the conditions of the pavement around here(Massachusetts). I’ve softened everything as much as I can but still find it harsh‘ish . Does anybody offer suspension tuning for the R3 ? Thanks
  3. Stillserving

    Brake upgrades

    I just finished a 5300 mi, 2 weeks ride around 18 states and the one thing I would like to definitely upgrade on my Roadster is the brakes. I know @Paul Bryant has done some brakes mods/upgrades, but has anyone done anything recently? What's the current thing to do to upgrade the braking system...
  4. Navigator

    Einar's Rocket Upgrades

    Awhile back I posted some pics of my Aussie friend's new R3 that were taken in the shop where it was to be customized. I received photos of the beautifully completed modifications and Einar asked me to post them with his comments. I can't recall if I had mentioned it previously but several...
  5. Tim Forrest

    Final drive transmissions upgrades?

    Hi,,I,m working on my Rocket as we speak,,and its still puzzling me,,that the Rocket,In my opinion is undergeared in top gear,,,she seems,for such a large engine,to be running to many revs at cruising speed,maybe its just me,,I only ride solo,,and only weigh just over 12 stone.so she,s always...
  6. Tim Forrest

    Clutch rebuild and upgrades

    Hi,,My rocket roadster clutch is on its way out,,slides on full power,,engine has been dynoed at 200 horse,and desrestricetd fully,so I,m guessing if I,m going to rebuild clutch,,it may be wise to upgrade springs friction plates etc,etc,,has any one done this,,any tips would be appreciated,i...
  7. TheWhingnut

    looking into mild upgrades for 2011 R3T "Dacey"

    Since i'm out floating and have some free time right now i got to thinking about mild upgrades for my R3T. So far i have: Installed: Rivco risers Destircted tune (updated) LED headlights and aux lights TORs Bedifferent's Hand Shields Bead riders (or boog's anal Beads) Solo Seat with extra...