1. Italianguy069

    Is anybody having trouble with the LCD Gauge display not staying on a 2020 R3?

    Has anybody had trouble with the LCD display not staying and keek dropping no matter how much you tighten it up? If so how were they able to get it to stay put?
  2. 2020 R3 GT Storm Grey - New Member

    Planning some great rides in 2023, need to outfit the bike for touring. Gonna be fun!
  3. Magoo69

    2020 R3 GT suspension upgrades

    Hi guys, I love my 2020 R3 GT but I find the ride quality a bit lacking for my taste and for the conditions of the pavement around here(Massachusetts). I’ve softened everything as much as I can but still find it harsh‘ish . Does anybody offer suspension tuning for the R3 ? Thanks

    2020 R3 INTAKE COVER

    Hello, are there any R3owners that removed their intake cover to find missing bolts inside of it, i found four are missing looks like they were never installed ! Thank you for your input
  5. Slartibartfast

    2020 R3 vs 2022 R3

    I've managed to convince myself that my life will never be complete untill I own a Rocket 3 GT, so I've been comparing dealerships and prices. In my searching I've come a cross a dealership with an unridden 2020 GT in the colour I'm seeking for a significantly better price than this year's...
  6. tino19625

    2020 Rocket 3 GT/R service manual

    I just added a post to resources for the service manual - it's a downloadable link and I'll keep it up for as long as I can; I didn't see it anywhere so hope the effort isn't duplicated.
  7. wcgreen1909

    Poss. new owner question- Commuting/tire question for the 2020 R3.

    Hi folks! A little background... I was working in Wyoming and about to pick up my red R3 a couple of months ago. On the day I was to sign the papers I was called in and informed I no longer had a job. Thankfully, the dealer just gave back my deposit. Jump to now- my wife and I are about to...
  8. 2020 R3

    This is my fourth bike. Last two were HD Road Glide (2016) and HD Fat Bob (2013). This bike is absolutely incredible! Speed, torque, handling are all incredible...and did I mention the looks?!?!
  9. R3RM

    Which lock to keep the 2020 R3 safe at home ?

    To be attached to an anchor : https://www.locksmiths.co.uk/faq/motorcycle-security-guide/ Not this one : Neither that one (the guy concludes by "Bikers you are taken for pigeons, REACT !!!) : Other examples of "secured" locks :oops...
  10. ned.


    Hi from Ned own a 2020 R3 looking forward to being apart of Discussions.
  11. brazeagle

    2020 R3 GT Headlights FLICKERING when hitting bumps

    Hello there, I noticed my Headlights are FLICKERING when hitting bumps, sadly I cannot see it good enough because I am behind the wheels, but I do notice a fast flickering on/off for MILI SECONDS... I wonder what could that be. The only thing done to the bike was (Triumph Dealer) activated the...
  12. Barzupopsz

    2020 R3 GT rear vibration (50 to 60 mph...ish)

    Found my issue on this forum and helped dealer zero in on troubleshooting and replace rear tire and wheel. Tire was most definetly "out of round." Just wanted to say a big thanks to these two dudes, because the mechanics and service department at my dealer were very standoffish when I was...
  13. brazeagle

    2020 R3 GT

    Anyone can explain the benefit (if any) to spend money on a MID CONTROL foot peg kit for the 2020 Rocket 3 GT. I wonder if that is a deal breaker, as I am between two 2020 R3GT I am looking to purchase, one already has the mid-control kit installed, while the other does not, but, has the luggage...
  14. maurice

    Corbin seat for 2020 r3

    When looking for risers I saw this. I like the stock seat, but if I rode more I would consider this. About 700 without heat, 561 for driver seat only. https://www.motorcyclepowersportsnews.com/corbin-dual-touring-saddle-for-2020-triumph-rocket-iii/
  15. Rocket Joe

    2020 R3 GT Tire (Tyre) Pressures

    Hi Everyone! I just joined this forum, this is my first post. The manual for my 2020 r3 says that there should be 42 psi (2.90 bar) in both the front and rear? I am used to more like 35 psi (2.40 bar) for the front. Has anyone played around with the pressires? If so, results...
  16. Integrated Tailight?

    Hey guys, Looking for options on taking off the swing arm and putting my plate under the taillight. I was hoping for a street bike look by putting the turn signals in the taillight. Has anyone done this yet? Also, I've been following Corbin as they put out aftermarket parts for the 2020...
  17. Wadejesu

    Competition Werkes Exhaust 2020 R3

    If someone coughs up the 1100+ bucks for the slip-on, could you please post some pics and sound clips. It's tough to shell out the dough without much info, their website wasn't much help. Was wonder what kind of baffling if any, was in the cans. Thanks in advance
  18. Rocket garage.jpg

    Rocket garage.jpg

    Bike is stock but i feel quite safe ;)