1. Planecrazyjim

    Won't start headlights stopped working.

    Went on a ride and turned bike off at a rest area. Went to leave turned on the key, gages sweep normal. But the headlights didn't come on. Depressed the clutch, in neutral, kill switch in start position, pressed starter button. Nothing. Turn signals, brake lights, horn all work. Gages reading...
  2. needforspeed150

    Headlights flashing on and off.

    When riding the other night with my 2021 Rocket 3, my headlights were flashing on and off at hiway speeds. When stopped they do not flash. I tried jarring the headlight when stopped and could not recreate the problem. I really don't want to take it to a dealer for this. I assume that it is...
  3. Nungers


    I need to replace my headlights, both have suffered damage over the years. What options are there out there aftermarket without buying genuine If I replace with LED, are they pluyg and play Cheers
  4. Rocketrottie


  5. Automatic headlights

    I don't understand that when we have a light sensor and the instrument panel reacts to it, why the lights from the daytime network are not automatically switched to full. Or have you already discovered it and rebuilt it? I'm not saying that it's a problem, but people often realize that it...
  6. 1Steve

    What is the best bang for buck on adaptive headlights for a 2015 R3 Touring?

    I've seen several people say great things about the JW Speakers but it sounds like there are inexpensive versions available as well. Has anybody had success with knockoffs? If so, which brand/model?
  7. 2008 Rocket

    2008 Rocket with LED headlights

    I had a 2006 Rocket SE and the ignition wires got hot and the solder melted causing the wires to separate from their posts. I know this was a common problem on the early Rockets up to I think about 2010 model year. The ignition switch was replaced at that time. Fast forward now to present and...
  8. G-Force Junkie

    Projector Headlights

    Added some HID Projector lights. What a difference. Going to hook the relay up to the high beam signal for ease of use. I have a short video of them on / off while driving but do not know how to share it:)
  9. G-Force Junkie

    LED lights / Air horn / HID projector headlights

    Check out the media section for some pics too.
  10. Frenchy1964

    Uk legal led headlights

    Can any1 suggest a set of led headlights that will pass a uk mot . These failed
  11. brazeagle

    2020 R3 GT Headlights FLICKERING when hitting bumps

    Hello there, I noticed my Headlights are FLICKERING when hitting bumps, sadly I cannot see it good enough because I am behind the wheels, but I do notice a fast flickering on/off for MILI SECONDS... I wonder what could that be. The only thing done to the bike was (Triumph Dealer) activated the...
  12. MrBaldylocks

    LED Headlights

    Hi Everyone Couple of questions, can you get heated seats because the wife was use to this on the Explorer and what LED headlights are people using? Cheers👍🏼
  13. JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    Fit like a glove; Look Amazing. There are 2 versions, the blacked-out and the chrome one. I put chrome ones. The blacked-outs make the bike look kinda blind with too dark front fascia. Performance-wise, the difference is huge with crystal visibility for at least 200m!
  14. greenbaron

    This should be simple, headlights don't work

    So I've had this bike since 2004, have probably had one headlight bulb go bad over the years. Recently I moved and had a 6 hour ride to get to my new garage. Get on the bike to go and suddenly the headlights don't light. Didn't have time to deal with, so ran with fog lights and hoped for the...
  15. Darron1117

    Replacing headlights

    Hello Rocketeers, Will be installing the LED headlights today. Those who have them, what did you do with the little park lights under the main bulb. I hear if you remove them they pop a fuse. Thanks,
  16. 1olbull

    Aiming Headlights

    Working a case where this age old issue came up. I needed to prepare a little diagram for explanation, so I reckoned I'd share it in case someone found it useful.
  17. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Easy start headlights off relay

    Hi guys. I've just put super bright led headlights in the beast and so I have the following for sale. Keeps your headlights off while you start your rocket, great for taking the stress out if your battery. Flick to hi beam and your drl headlights are back on. £40 plus postage. Cheers guys...
  18. R-III-R Turbo

    Triumph LED Headlights anyone?

    Was wondering if the Rocket 3 TFC headlights would fit our buckets - seems the Bobber ones do, and appear the same as the TFC ones Thanks to Stephen cotter for being the Guinea pig Triumph part number A9830104 But at $620...... each....... Triumph Motorcycles | Part Search |...
  19. HIM57

    LED headlights

    Hi to all, I have LED rear light and am planning on switching headlight to LED. Will this require another relay or anything else I'm missing? Many thanks in advance
  20. ransan

    Want to Buy JWS Adaptive Headlights

    A pair of JW Speaker Adaptive 1 5.75 led headlights. 1olbull had a set for sale a few weeks ago but I was to late.