1. MrBaldylocks

    LED Headlights

    Hi Everyone Couple of questions, can you get heated seats because the wife was use to this on the Explorer and what LED headlights are people using? Cheers👍🏼
  2. JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    Fit like a glove; Look Amazing. There are 2 versions, the blacked-out and the chrome one. I put chrome ones. The blacked-outs make the bike look kinda blind with too dark front fascia. Performance-wise, the difference is huge with crystal visibility for at least 200m!
  3. greenbaron

    This should be simple, headlights don't work

    So I've had this bike since 2004, have probably had one headlight bulb go bad over the years. Recently I moved and had a 6 hour ride to get to my new garage. Get on the bike to go and suddenly the headlights don't light. Didn't have time to deal with, so ran with fog lights and hoped for the...
  4. Darron1117

    Replacing headlights

    Hello Rocketeers, Will be installing the LED headlights today. Those who have them, what did you do with the little park lights under the main bulb. I hear if you remove them they pop a fuse. Thanks,
  5. 1olbull

    Aiming Headlights

    Working a case where this age old issue came up. I needed to prepare a little diagram for explanation, so I reckoned I'd share it in case someone found it useful.
  6. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Easy start headlights off relay

    Hi guys. I've just put super bright led headlights in the beast and so I have the following for sale. Keeps your headlights off while you start your rocket, great for taking the stress out if your battery. Flick to hi beam and your drl headlights are back on. £40 plus postage. Cheers guys...
  7. R-III-R Turbo

    Triumph LED Headlights anyone?

    Was wondering if the Rocket 3 TFC headlights would fit our buckets - seems the Bobber ones do, and appear the same as the TFC ones Thanks to Stephen cotter for being the Guinea pig Triumph part number A9830104 But at $620...... each....... Triumph Motorcycles | Part Search |...
  8. HIM57

    LED headlights

    Hi to all, I have LED rear light and am planning on switching headlight to LED. Will this require another relay or anything else I'm missing? Many thanks in advance
  9. ransan

    Want to Buy JWS Adaptive Headlights

    A pair of JW Speaker Adaptive 1 5.75 led headlights. 1olbull had a set for sale a few weeks ago but I was to late.
  10. 1olbull

    **SOLD** - JWS Adaptive 1 Roadster Headlights

    Ready to sell my chrome Adaptive 1, 5.75" headlights. Only one season use, and still in original boxes. $400 USD + shipping from 98466
  11. goncallf

    Adaptive LED Headlights - JW Speaker

    Hi guys, I'm thinking to buy a JW Speakers adaptive Headlights, but i have some doubts about the installation. The first thing I want to ensure is that I do not have to cut wires, because mots are coming and i want to keep it simple if i have to go back for a MOT inspection every year. Second I...
  12. Oldwarrior

    Starter and headlights not working

    bought a few starter relay's last couple of years. last week my girl wouln't start very easy. Usually a booster pack will do it but not this time i had to use the car. started it 6 times after the boost thought it was a glitch. A couple hours later needed the booster pack but she started. I...
  13. sonny

    No Headlights

    A couple of days ago was coming home and stopped at the Creek Plaza to stretch out and light up a smoke. Went to start the bike and just had parking lights. Thought it to be a bit odd. Bike cycled and started right up but no headlights. Checked the fuse and it was good. At 4:00 AM after working...
  14. martinrl

    LED headlights / fog lights

    Anyone have a recommendation for LED bulbs to replace the stock headlight bulbs? What about fog lights, which ones look good on the R3? I want to increase my visibility and look cool
  15. cdlamph

    Looking to install LED headlights

    Hey all, I was curious if anyone knows whether or not the J.W. Speaker 5.75 adaptive lights fit in the rockets housing? I'm up in the air between these and the regular 5.75 leds they have. The website doesn't even have the rocket in the drop down menu but I'm guessing some of the lights work...
  16. 1olbull


    I offer this only in hope of perhaps helping my fellow Rocket riders gain an improved understanding of the tremendous dangers of night riding. Fred's recent deer crash hit me pretty hard and I have also had a coupe real close near disasters at speed similar to Fred's incident. I am sure youse...
  17. Coighty

    Headlights died

    Just hoping for some direction, got home on dusk and noticed my lights where very dull, found my headlights not working at all (only parking lights). No lowbeam or highbeam and no blue highbeam light on dash. Checked fuse and globe, where ok. Everything else working normally, park lights ok...
  18. atjurhs

    looking for aftermarket chrome headlights

    hi guys, can someone point me to where i can find chrome headlights, not just the bezel ring, but the whole headlight? my 2017 r3 came with what look like triumph generic black headlights, and the paint doesn't even match the rest of the bike! so i'd like to replace them, but i don't see them...
  19. Blackthou

    LED headlights UK

    Hi fellow Rocketeers, I'm considering replacing my lights due to consistently good reports from those that have and wondered if you had any recommendations for a UK supplier as there are many to choose from on eBay. Also, anything to be wary of?
  20. Curtiss02

    For Sale OEM Headlights

    I switched out my original headlights for LED just a few days after buying my Rocket, so these are still like new. $100 for the Pair shipped inside the US.
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