1. elcanaco

    Eagle lights for ‘08 Classic

    Here’s a photo of the issue I’m having. The flange where the case meets the glass on the Eagle is 1/8” thicker (deeper) than a standard OEM light so that when the Eagle is placed in the bucket the beauty (retaining) ring can’t go on far enough rearward so that 1) The factory bolt is too short...
  2. RIchareno

    Ideas for replacement turn signals and license plate holder

    Let's face it....the stock turn signal and license plate holder are FUGLY!! What have you guys done to replace these? My other bike has a side/vertical license plate holder that I really like, so I'm thinking of going that route to get it off the rear. The turn signals baffle me. Any great...
  3. Wisamic Led lights

    Hello Rocketeers, Anybody with experience fitting the Amazon Wisamic LED 5.75 in headlights for the 2015 Roadster? Is it a direct fit or modifications are needed? The finishing ring for example. Thanks
  4. Gleekzorp

    Switching off head lights (or: where is this instrument panel connector)

    Hi all, On my 2016 Roadster I'd like to put a switch in the head lights ground wire, to be able to completely switch them off (instead of pulling the fuse every time using Tuneecu). Studying the wiring diagram, it must be the Black wire on pin 10 of the instrument panel connector. But: where do...
  5. OEM Fog lights

    Hello Fellow rocketeers, Did anybody try upgrading the Roadster OEM fog lights to an LED? Any recommendations on the type of bulb (possibly H3) and what needs to be done? Thanks
  6. OEM Fog lights

    Hello Fellow rocketeers, Did anybody try upgrading the Roadster OEM fog lights to an LED? Any recommendations on the type of bulb (possibly H3) and what needs to be done? Thanks in advance
  7. canecorso

    Triumph Rocket fog lights

    I was just wondering if there is anyone that has the Triumph chrome lights for sale? or ones broken and the other one is good I'll buy. one of mine is broken so either looking for two or the one. I'm heading to Miami Florda December 19th so if there's anyone on the way that's has them for sale...
  8. 1Steve

    Best available touring seat w/backrest, and best value for adaptive headlight pack (all 3 lights)?

    Guys, I'm now a few months into owning my 2015 R3T here in the desert of PHX and would like to get her long haul ready before the good riding weather shows up. SEAT: I would like a backrest and am trying to figure out the best available seat option as the Triumph Long Haul seat seems to no...
  9. Journeyman

    Can You See Me Now - Aux Lights for the 3R

    Lights from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083FJTYRV?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details Fork brackets were custom ordered from ClearWatter (~$30). Headed out on a 7 - 10 day ride through the Shenandoah Valley to D.C. and beyond and looking for a little more "recognition" out there.
  10. RockyTop Ty

    LED lights for 2008 Classic

    Hi everyone, Would like to replace my halogens with LEDs. Local shop guys referred me to an owner's forum, as they had no answers. It's a 2008 Classic, so just unsure how to replace all halogens on the bike with brighter LEDs. Cheers, Trey
  11. Andy Brooke

    Protection for Jw speaker lights

    Does anybody know of a company that provides some type of perspex protection for the Jw speaker 5 3/4" headlights? I had some on my oem lamps but the j w speaker ones have a deeper? curvier glass. I have tried Slipscreens in Wales UK, but for some reason they never reply to my emails
  12. Triumph factor driving lights.

    Is there a relay somewhere to control lights?
  13. MonkeyMan

    Wiring GPS, Lights, and Powerlet Socket

    I posted some more pics of wiring job on 2022 Rocket GT (Did very similar a month ago on 2020 Rocket R) I posted some more pics
  14. MonkeyMan

    Wiring GPS, Lights, Powerlet

    I pulled the tank and wired the bike up w/ the above accessories. I used triumph's factory accessory outlet installed as triumph recommends at L of bike near airbox location, but chose to run my own "always on" leads to a FuzeBlock to be sure I had a steady source of power for battery charging...
  15. Journeyman

    Fork Shield Brackets for Accessory Lights - Roadster

    @smordue1 posted a photo of these brackets. He's not been on the site for a while and just wondering if anyone might know who makes them. I need something similar for my Roadster that would attach to the fork shields. The spacing is probably different, who knows. The lights are Clearwaters, but...
  16. G-Force Junkie

    LED lights / Air horn / HID projector headlights

    Check out the media section for some pics too.
  17. Replacement switches for R3R - grips and fog lights

    Apparently most of the wiring parts that I'm looking for on my bike have been discontinued by Triumph. I am looking for A9930056 or A9930057. Any source on ordering a compatible switch that will fit right into my Rocket's housing on the left handlebar?
  18. G-Force Junkie

    Disco (Failure) lights:)

    Picked up my 2021 GT and put on the first 1000km. It's in for service and the install of all the bits they did not have when I picked it up. (It came lacking the mid controls, quick shift and panniers:) A block from the dealer, an indicator failure lit up (rear left). I took it right back but...
  19. pfos1

    Fender Elimination and Lights 2020 Rocket R

    Looking to delete the fender and add some better indicator lights. Any ideas? Best liking highest quality is my goal!
  20. Back turn (direction) indicator lights issue

    Hello Folks, sharing my issue in search of enlighten here... When I took delivery of my 2020 GT I noticed that the back turning indicators were wrongly wired (when you selected right turn both the front indicator and the arrow in the instrument panel were fine but the functioning indicator in...