1. Replacement switches for R3R - grips and fog lights

    Apparently most of the wiring parts that I'm looking for on my bike have been discontinued by Triumph. I am looking for A9930056 or A9930057. Any source on ordering a compatible switch that will fit right into my Rocket's housing on the left handlebar?
  2. G-Force Junkie

    Disco (Failure) lights:)

    Picked up my 2021 GT and put on the first 1000km. It's in for service and the install of all the bits they did not have when I picked it up. (It came lacking the mid controls, quick shift and panniers:) A block from the dealer, an indicator failure lit up (rear left). I took it right back but...
  3. pfos1

    Fender Elimination and Lights 2020 Rocket R

    Looking to delete the fender and add some better indicator lights. Any ideas? Best liking highest quality is my goal!
  4. cmintegra

    Back turn (direction) indicator lights issue

    Hello Folks, sharing my issue in search of enlighten here... When I took delivery of my 2020 GT I noticed that the back turning indicators were wrongly wired (when you selected right turn both the front indicator and the arrow in the instrument panel were fine but the functioning indicator in...
  5. Chariot

    Fitting hazard warning lights to my Trike

    At my first MOT last Sep, I discovered I needed hazard warning lights fitted in case of breakdown. I think most bikes now have them fitted as standard. Certainly my friends Honda does. It makes sense that a big Trike should have them fitted. I have bought some parts and found a few wiring...
  6. mexican

    Auxiliary lights, can i do this?

    Hey guys and girls, i ordered these lights and i did not realized they have hig and low beam, they say they connect deirctly to the existing bike wiring but i do not want to do that, i want to run them directly from the battery with a relay and separate harness. If i connect both beams together...
  7. Son_Of_Dog

    New Flood Lights, Turn Signal Strobes

    I've been working on adding beefed-up turn signals and some flood lights onto the bike over the last few days, and think I've finally got everything installed and functioning. I thought I'd run my installation past you guys just for a sanity check, even though sanity may be in short supply here...
  8. numbnuts57

    +Idiot lights not working

    Has anyone had a problem with the idiot lights in the rev counter not working on a 2007 Classic. They flash once when the kill switch is turned on but they will not work any other time. The ilumination lights are ok and the speedo lights are ok. The bike has been partially stripped down for...
  9. Kevin frazier

    Givi s322 lights

    Does anybody have these? I was thinking about getting a set, this price is cad so it looks like quite a savings
  10. Rocketrottie

    L.E.D. Head and tail lights. What are you using???

    Just wondering. Thinking about doing the swap.
  11. Journeyman28778

    Blinker Cancel / Running Lights / Flashing Brake

    I had a Kisan SignalMinder on another bike and finally added one to the Roadster. Unless you never forget your indicator after making a turn and getting distracted by x,y,z, I highly recommend this $110 contraption. One time is all it takes for a cager to think you are turning and plow right...
  12. mexican


    Don't like them, thgey do not put out enough light, i have cheap lights on all my bikes, wondering if i can use the same harness, horns installed, waiting on harness
  13. canecorso

    signal lights for forks

    Does any one have the signal light that just wrap around the front forks? any pictures? if so how do you like them? are they bright? and where did you get them? I cant seem to find them for the Rocket 111.
  14. PDRocket3OHIO


    Hello, I bought a 2018 Rocket 3 Matte Black from a local dealer 3 weeks ago. I LOVE it! I need help though, I am struggling to find parts since Triumph in their infinite wisdom discontinued everything, LOL! I have bought the following... Engine guards EBAY, Windshield and mounts DEALER, Bags...
  15. Skelton Hogs

    Brake lights

    Fair gents Re r3T standard rear brake light... Can someone recommend a brighter alternate replacement bulb? I've only been able to find same. 100 thank yous
  16. HIM57

    LED accent lights

    I'd like to add some LED strips but wondering where power connection would be? I would like them to switch on with main power applied. Any help greatley appreciated.
  17. barbagris

    If anybody is looking for LED driving lights .....

    .... I stumbled across these the other day. There are loads all over Alibaba and Amazon. 3 inch body. So tidy sized. I would normally leap and order a set for the purposes of R&D but I am in a temporary moment of caution. This has depleted my wallet this month.
  18. Davefitz

    Speedometer not working, all lights on in that clock

    hello all. Looking for some help here. I have a 2005 rocket and the left clock, the speedometer side, is not working. The warning lights stay on all the time. I have seen this issue posted before but can’t find it. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it? Any help would be appreciated
  19. TriumphR3Newb

    Triumph "fog/driving" lights - my bad....

    Ok, this is where it is a case of "seems logical" and zero previous knowledge. I decided, as I am getting ready to get my bike on the road, I thought I would take a look at the driving lights and maybe do an upgrade to LED or something. After finally getting the front lens off (thanks to who...
  20. Help with JW Speaker lights

    I've got a new 2018 Triumph Rocket 3 and bought two of the non-adaptive JW Speaker 8690 lights. Where does the read wire that is hanging loose on the lights connect? Thanks! Scott