1. 1Steve

    Best available touring seat w/backrest, and best value for adaptive headlight pack (all 3 lights)?

    Guys, I'm now a few months into owning my 2015 R3T here in the desert of PHX and would like to get her long haul ready before the good riding weather shows up. SEAT: I would like a backrest and am trying to figure out the best available seat option as the Triumph Long Haul seat seems to no...
  2. 2020 Rocket 3 R Sports Rider and Pillion Seats for sale

    As new, only used to ride bike home from the Dealer's £295 including UK postage
  3. chrisw

    Spring mounted Solo seats - Bobber Style

    Classic with long wide bars by chrisw posted Oct 26, 2019 at 11:08 AMHI Has anyone replaced the standard seat with a bobber seat (spring mounted) Would we interesting to see how it looks and if any benefits in terms of being able to change ride height maybe get more shock absortion. Also...
  4. For Sale R3 seats - front and buddy T2301820 and T2301821

    Hello everyone, I am selling two seats. They are in excellent condition! Probably never used (they belonged to my grandfather who unfortunately passed away and sold his R3 already a couple of years before he died.). Asking price is 200GBP / 225€ / 250 US$ excluding shipping from Belgium...
  5. Claviger

    Want to Buy A9701151 or A9701142 Seats

    If anyone out there has an A9701151 or A9701142 seat cash in hand waiting, TAKE MY MONEY! New or Used, as long as there are no rips/tears I'm good with it, monkey butt has got me down lol. Thanks.
  6. Rick Morris

    LAAM Custom Seats

    My newly recovered and rebuilt factory 2011 R3R seat arrived as promised today. I couldn't wait to give it a test ride. As expected it is very comfortable and looks better than I expected it to. I am very happy with this seat. I will be doing a 300 + mile ride and I will get a better idea of how...
  7. Ishrub

    For Sale Bayonet for R3 Seats T2307365

    I saw a thread a while ago where folks were trying to find a seat fixing spike or bayonet. Bayonet Seat T2307365 TRIUMPH AMERICA DAYTONA ROCKET 3 SPEEDMASTER | eBay
  8. Jay

    Other MC seats on R3T?

    So i am kicking around the idea of finding an alternate seat for my 2013 R3T and noticed that some Harley Davidson and metric touring bike parts are compatible depending on the bike and the year. So I am wondering, has anyone tried a seat from one of the HD bikes or another brand motorcycle on...
  9. Ishrub

    R3 Rider's backrest seats.

    I have been buying and researching Triumph R3 seats for ages but only just discovered the Touring Dual seat with rider's backrest was replaced with the Solo seat and Comfort Pillion sold together with a new number. So there are just 3 different R3 rider's back rest versions, two for Tourings...
  10. Ishrub

    For Sale Corbin Classic Solo seats with backrest options

    Corbin Classic Solo seats with backrest options. These fit with or without the stock pillion seat fitted. I have three to choose from: Black Leather with Studs and matching studded backrest options available Black Leather and some black backrest options available Brown Leather - my...
  11. WyldCFH

    For Sale Roadster/Classic/Standard Seats...

    These are not mine, but great prices Dual Gel - Currently $125. - 05-12 TRIUMPH OEM Motorcycle Rocket 3 III Roadster Seat Long Haul Part #A9701164 | eBay Dual with Backrest - Currently $158 Not sure if backrest is Triumph part 05-12 TRIUMPH OEM Motorcycle Rocket III Roadster Seat w Backrest...
  12. Ishrub

    Last chance to support a forum member making true custom seats for your comfort!

    Jeez I am shocked at the lack of interest/support for an innovative custom maker. I'll feel guilty taking his workmanship for this measly US$125. People here spend more on a bloody '140 cu inches sticker' A bit of perspective required folks! Custom seat
  13. R3Rx118

    For Sale Seats and Other Stuff

    Hi all, I've got some parts for sale that need a new life on the road. Sports screen is clear but is I sprayed it with black plasti coat. Will peel off if you want clear or to change color.
  14. kev

    seat choices

    I need to lower the ride height on my r3, just a bit too short in the legs to be comfortable when stopped can anyone suggest a suitable alternative to the oem