1. Rocky Raccoon

    Now to make it mine.....

    After putting on about 300 miles on my new (to me) 2008 Rocket Touring, I have noticed that this bike is NOT comfortable to ride like it is. Adjusted handle bars up a little, but there are not ways to adjust any other items. The stock handgrips are cr_p. My hands go to sleep after about 15...
  2. CvSisinthehouse

    Solo comfort seat?

    Does any company make a solo comfort seat for these Rocket 3? Looking for one without the passenger pillion
  3. Ishrub

    **SOLD**Brand new - Classic Dual R3/Roadster Seat with Riders Backrest

    Together Au$575 + postage - I can split Au$375 ADJUSTABLE RIDER BACKREST - LONGHAUL A9708158 Au$250 CLASSIC TOURING SEAT - DUAL A9708164
  4. Ishrub

    Last chance to support a forum member making true custom seats for your comfort!

    Jeez I am shocked at the lack of interest/support for an innovative custom maker. I'll feel guilty taking his workmanship for this measly US$125. People here spend more on a bloody '140 cu inches sticker' A bit of perspective required folks! Custom seat
  5. sonny

    Comfort vice a smile and a funny grin.

    Sorry folks had a couple of beers tonight and been thinking about it all. Seems like a lot of folks what to be comfortable nowadays. Even while riding. They all want the comforts and do da da to make the ride easy. So sorry prefer the #hit eating grin as I come up on your rear on my Rocket X...
  6. Qwerty677

    For Sale Riders / Pillion Comfort Seat and Backrest

    Hi everyone, I spent a fortune sourcing a comfort riders seat to allow me to fit the riders backrest, I eventually sourced the items and the matching comfort pillion seat to match. The riders seat and backrest has only been sat on twice before I sold the bike, and the pillion pad is as new. I...
  7. R3R Seat change ideas

    I've installed bags on my R3R and was thinking about a more comfortable seat. It seems I am essentially changing the bike into a R3T. Bags & Windscreen installed) Any ideas on new seats to add super comfort for 2 up?