1. Tall Backrest

    Hello, I have a 2015 Rocket III Roadster with the standard height backrest and I’m looking to get the tall backrest. Can somebody tell from his tall backrest, the height of it from the very lower to the top edge? I want to know the difference.
  2. Tassie

    Fuel Gauge & Clock plus Touring Seat / Backrest

    I have a 2005 Rocket, is there a business that produces aftermarket parts for the bike in England, USA, Europe So far, no luck here in Australia sourcing the above-mentioned items. Regards Tony
  3. wayn0003

    Backrest for passenger

    Looking for best option for backrest / sissy bar for passenger seat. Only aftermarket stuff available, no OEM. Any recommendations?
  4. Boog

    Backrest Vinal repair

    As some of you saw this past June in Richwood, Brahma's rider backrest has a hole. Well, I noticed a new hole starting and figured I should arrest them both. I got quotes from two auto upholstery shops, $160 and $170 for repairs. OUCH! I can't do that so back to old school stuff I would have...
  5. Brodrock

    Wife needs a backrest so she can get off mine.

    My wife sold her 16 Speedmaster 2 years ago and I haven't had much luck finding a backrest for my 16 Roadster, for her. Granted, I haven't been scouring every corner of the earth. Having this community now, I'm hoping for some help.
  6. Rich1980

    Triumph Rocket Touring Accessories (Driver Backrest, Solo Seat & more)

    Available on EBAY UK. full kit to make make the bike solo! eBay item number: 204270436982
  7. Cubanese

    ISO 2020 Rocket 3R Backrest

    Looking for a Passenger Backrest for a ISO 2020 Rocket 3R
  8. Jcjetty

    Iso backrest with luggage rack

    I'm looking for a backrest with luggage rack for my 05. Anyone here in the states have one for sale?
  9. LoWeLL216

    R3 Passenger Backrest Height

    Understand the R3 GT passenger backrest is adjustable. Can anyone tell me the size of the backpad (LxW) and how high the upper edge of the pad is above the pillion? Trying to compare to my current setup. Much appreciated!
  10. Starmanut

    Rider Backrest just popped up on eBay

    Well, the title says it all. Check it out if interested...
  11. Oz Knight

    Anyone have this part to sell - ROCKET III - Backrest, Adjustable Rider Kit?

    Hi Looking for this part ROCKET III - Backrest, Adjustable Rider Kit (Triumph part number A9708158) Anyone have one or know where i can get one? Cheers.
  12. NASA

    13 roadster passenger backrest

    I was looking at a Fehling passenger backrest but the fitment chart says 08 to 12 roadster and 16 up. What is the difference from 12 to 13 that the backrest wouldn't fit?? Is it just because my fender brackets are black instead of chrome? Enquiring minds want to know!

    Put a Backrest on my 2022 R3 Black

    So when I originally put a deposit down on my R3 Black I sent my wife a link to look at it, she asked, "Why aren't you getting the one (GT) with the backrest?" Err, uh...., "I'm going to put a backrest on this one!" Well, it was her birthday, so.... Admittedly I like the look the look of the...
  14. Sioux Falls Rocket

    Passenger backrest question

    I have tried looking but cannot seem to find the answer my bike came with a passenger backrest and luggage rack and I am trying to determine whether i have the short or the tall passenger backrest I personally believe it is the tall one. Can anyone tell me the differences in height between the...
  15. mlindsay

    Adding the 2020 GT backrest to a 2020 R

    So I added the backrest to my R using these instructions. I got it installed, it is a little misaligned, so I'm going to take it off and redo it. I had a couple of questions. Apologies of these are too basic :D Page 7, Step 11. Placing the upper tie bar. So the picture shows the tar bow...
  16. RockOn

    Backrest Adjustment

    Recently bought a '08 Touring model and it came with virtually every accessory available at that time when new, including a rider's backrest. Is there a way to adjust the backrest.? It would be better for me if it could be moved back a couple inches. As it is my ****** is forced up against...
  17. MIG

    R3T Backrest Latch Lock Assembly...

    Every IPB diagram I could find showed the Touring backrest lock assembly as a single identified unit (#15). When it arrived it was the just the lock core and two keys. I"m in need of one of the two screws utilized to attach the rotating stop. I'll have a go at Home Depot on my next trip; but...
  18. Tal

    Passenger Backrest

    Just been listed on Trademe here in NZ Triumph Rocket III Sissy Bar Luggage Rack Kit Listing #: 2723040646 Katikati, Bay of Plenty, NZ...
  19. Rocketdave

    Luggage rack and backrest

    More info now from my last post on riders back rest. This is a picture of my seat. I’d like to get a wrap around top box but my pillion back rest does not have a rack that I can bolt it on to (it is a removable sissy bar, the main key fits so assume it’s original equipment.). I’d also like to...
  20. Hoss

    Sold my boss hoss and have a rocket3 ‘07. Cannot find the backrest pad. Going crazy.

    Sold my boss hoss and have a rocket3 ‘07. Cannot find the backrest pad. Going crazy. Anyone got one?