1. Jagster

    Carbon Fibre fender extenders for sale on on ebay UK

    Seems like a good price....... Carbon Fibre Triumph Rocket 3 2020 on Fender Extender Fenda Extenda Mudguard | eBay
  2. Jagster

    Rocket 3 GT - Breaking for parts - UK Ebay seller

    Just in case anyone needs anything...... James Sherlock Ltd | eBay Stores
  3. Starmanut

    Rider Backrest just popped up on eBay

    Well, the title says it all. Check it out if interested...
  4. albertaduke

    **SOLD** My 200 hp 2011 Roadster for sale, 33,000 miles, *many* extras

    To Captains in need of more power: I dropped the price of my 2012 modified roadster (200 bhp) on ebay .ca from US $9500 to about $7700 still listed on ebay.ca If you are in the market for a 200 hp machine with lots and lots of extras, drop me a line. https://www.ebay.com/itm/392817075684
  5. Timbo

    One off chopper bobber Rocket III - UK eBay

    Wondered if this was someone on here? Some great work gone into this and I know it wont be to everyone's taste but you have to appreciate the work, nice job! R3 on eBay UK
  6. Starmanut

    New Rider Backrest on Ebay

    FYI: Just saw this. TRIUMPH LONGHAUL RIDER BACKREST A9708160 | eBay Just popped up. These are rare so thus a bit pricey.
  7. Ishrub

    For Sale Fehling Solo rider's backrest and rack on Canadian eBay

    Not mine, on Canadian eBay. @Tal has one and swears by it. He fitted a bag to his: Tanax Tail bag I have one too but never fitted it yet. Usually Au$300 -400 and about Au$100 delivered to Oz. Solo Backrest With Luggage Rack Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster | eBay
  8. Starmanut

    Touring TORS just popped up on Ebay

    Triumph Rocket III Touring Tors Exhaust Pipes | eBay New, but has a dent. Can't tell if it would show or not. I'd get them, but already have some.
  9. Gregger

    Jardine Headers on Ebay

    Just noticed this today. Was tempted to purchase but have other priorities. Passing this on to the rest of you. The supplier is quoting the Triumph Rocket header part number but these appear to be genuine Jardines. 08 Triumph Rocket III 3 Exhaust Muffler Header T2208938 | eBay Someone is...
  10. atlsrt44

    Tors right side on ebay

    Triumph Rocket 3 Classic Roadster Right Chrome Silencer Exhaust New A9600322 | eBay Saw this today.
  11. Starmanut

    For Sale (UK) Touring seat with Rider backrest on eBay

    Not me, just passing this on: Triumph Rocket 3 Longhaul Touring Seat With Riders Backrest A9708164 + A9708160 GBP 500.00 Approximately US $617.15 Shipping:GBP 80.00 (approx. US $98.74) Parcelforce Global Express | Make Offer- Item location: TIVERTON, United Kingdom Triumph Rocket 3...
  12. Starmanut

    **SOLD** TORS just popped up on Ebay

    FYI Just saw these on Ebay.. 2008-2016 Triumph Rocket III Touring EXHAUST SILENCER MUFFLERS A9600212 A9600211 | eBay
  13. Ishrub

    For Sale Springs anyone? Carpenter sidewinder on eBay

    Springs anyone?;):D Carpenter sidewinder on eBay 3 days to go folks! Triumph Rocket3 Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust | eBay
  14. Ishrub

    For Sale Touring TORs - used on UK eBay

    Listed by a new forum member from Bracknell, United Kingdom, who has also started a thread with a link to their Becker R3 lift. Triumph Rocket 3 Touring exhaust assy. (TORS) Triumph Off Road Silencers | eBay
  15. Manic_Mechanic

    For Sale 2016 Speedo / Tach on eBay

    2016 Triumph Rocket 3 III Roadster Speedometer Gauges Instrument Cluster | eBay
  16. Jay

    For Sale Chrome Rear Rack (eBay)

    Apparently I don't have enough privileges to post this in the eBay forum, but I wanted to make sure others see this in case anyone is looking for an OEM chrome rear rack to mate to their passenger backrest: Triumph Thunderbird Sissy bar for Leather Bag Large | eBay I just bought a Thunderbird...
  17. laraza

    Just saw this on Ebay

    Er.......discuss Triumph Rocket 3 custom motorcycle | eBay
  18. geneseo1911

    Interesting exhaust popped up on my eBay search

    TRIUMPH-ROCKET-III-ROADSTER-STOCK-EXHAUST-PIPE/401656872827?ul_ref=2014 TRIUMPH ROCKET III ROADSTER STOCK EXHAUST PIPE | eBay Saw this and didn't recognize it... doesn't look half bad. Would probably buy it if i hadn't just ordered a carpenter system last week.
  19. For Sale EBay question

    Hello, I am planning on listing a bunch of rocket related stuff on eBay and was hoping to be able to post the links. However it says I do not have sufficient privileges to post on that form. What do I have to do to be able to post a link on the eBay form question thank you in advance. Jamie
  20. Ishrub

    For Sale Not mine, on eBay, Biker swags Au$108 free delivery in OZ

    Not mine, on eBay, Biker swags Au$108 free delivery in OZ WEISSHORN Biker Swag Camping Single Swags Tent Biking Deluxe Canvas Kings Bag | eBay