1. Liam2x

    Jardine exhaust. Have exhaust minus headers.

    Look9ng for solutions to jardine exhaust but not the headers. Have seen a CES mod. Can one still get these? And y help.or advise appreciated.
  2. Ralsmith

    Help Lost baffle out of Jardine exhaust

    I somehow lost a baffle from my jardine exhaust while on the freeway. The tail pipe is 4” or 98mm diameter, looking for suggestions on where to find a replacement baffle either the original jardine or a universal baffle that will fit a 98mm ID tail pipe
  3. Mehecan

    FS Jardine exhaust heat shield

    Hey everyone. I'm on the hunt for a single piece of a heat shield on the Jardine exhaust for a 07' R3 classic. It's the piece that covers the area where the three pipes converge into two. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Earthquake

    Lf heat shields for jardine exhaust

    I bought a used set of jardines heat shields are toast anyone have any idea where I could get new or used jardine isn’t making them anymore
  5. Jardine Big Boss 3 into 2 exhaust

    HI all, Geoff here from Perth - I am new to the forum I ride a 2008 Rocket 3 classic and love it About 10 years ago I installed a Jardine Big Boss exhaust and loved the note it gave. As I have gotten older I find that I would like to quiet the bike a bit Can anyone recommend a set of...
  6. Ishrub

    Been keen to try out a Jardine Big Boss exhaust - finally got one.

    Been keen to try out a Jardine Big Boss exhaust - finally got one, ceramic coated in satin black. Seller mentioned it in his R3Classsic listing: and I asked him to list it for me as a 'buy it now' ;) :cool:
  7. 2014 Jardines

    In search of Jardine exhaust for a 2014 roadster.... any help out there?
  8. canecorso

    Jardine Exhaust

    Does any one have video of them putting jardine exhaust on? Also one step by step to install them? Just thinking of doing it my self to save money, so I can take them off to get them ceramic coated and then put them back on, Is there some kind of seal on the headers Or is it a basket? And can...
  9. Gregger

    Jardine Headers on Ebay

    Just noticed this today. Was tempted to purchase but have other priorities. Passing this on to the rest of you. The supplier is quoting the Triumph Rocket header part number but these appear to be genuine Jardines. 08 Triumph Rocket III 3 Exhaust Muffler Header T2208938 | eBay Someone is...
  10. RacerX74

    For Sale Mod parts various

    All gone cheers :)
  11. Want to Buy Full Jardine Exhaust for 2007 R3 Classic

    Name your price and please send a PM. New or used I am interested in the slashcut 3 to 2. I am locayed in Colorado, US. Thanks all!
  12. RacerX74

    Tuneecu 2006 R3 with Jardine Rumblers and Ramair tune

    Any one got the same set up as me and have a tune they want to share ??? 2006 R3 with Jardine Rumblers and Ramair kit cheers ;)
  13. thorin

    damaged Jardine exhaust pipe pics, advice requested

    hey guys, removed the lower portion of my damaged jardine exhaust system yesterday. First thing I noticed was how heavy the pipes are. Heavy gauge metal used for sure! without the advantage of having a "good" set to compare to, I do think they are bent as well as scrape-damaged. for reference...
  14. Tal

    Jardine Exhaust system

    I have been browsing around looking at exhaust systems and the Jardine headers took my fancy as being fairly similar lines to the factory look. I like the way the header pipes come straight down and then curve. Different photos on a google search prompted me to send "Jardine" an email and I...
  15. Mittzy

    DYNO Results CES Headers and Jardine Mufflers

    Just got back from picking ole Brutus up from Procycle Dyno. After fitting the New CES headers to the Jardine mufflers (CES had to custom fit to Jardines) the results are in and a gain of about 8.5hp and 1.0 fb torque - NOW 232hp - I gotta say i am very happy with these results and the bike...
  16. 2012cliff

    2008 tour fitting Jardine Rumblers HELP

    Found an amazing deal while I was away for vacation in Florida. I knew that some mods would need to be done. So if anyone has already done this mod , I would be interested how you had it done. The mod is to take a set of Jardine Rumblers and make them fit on a touring Rocket. The Jardines were...
  17. leatal

    For Sale Jardine Exhaust

    Just browsed Amazon and noticed a Jardine full exhaust system on sale for $998 with free shipping. Would not fit my Roadster, but might work for someone with an earlier model. See- Jardine 14-7901-01S 3:2 Slashcut Exhaust
  18. rahoffman2

    I found some Jardines for the R3T at Biker Trends

    I went off the road last weekend and bent/scratched a few parts on the bike. The insurance man is here now and said he would pay for my Jardine pipes if I could find my receipt or a place that sold them to get a replacement cost. Knowing that they are not made anymore but realizing that I could...
  19. albertaduke

    jardine exhaust..

    this post is addressed to any jardine equipped rocket 3's owners the experienced mechanic who took my bike for a ride to determine the cause of the slamming noise I heard when riding specifically in 4th and 5th when loading the engine from 2100 RPM .... according to him it is NOT from the...
  20. patrol21

    2009 Stock R3, Full Jardine exhaust and New RAMAIR intake tune needed

    Hi All, Hans0 seems to be having some computer issues so I was wondering if anyone has the matching set up listed in the title and a ECU tune that your running with success...I have a couple on my laptop (listed below) I am going to try but any feedback or a MAP that has been dialed in would be...