heat shield

  1. Chariot

    Toasted Right Ankle

    Does anyone make a heat shield for the header pipes?
  2. Mehecan

    FS Jardine exhaust heat shield

    Hey everyone. I'm on the hunt for a single piece of a heat shield on the Jardine exhaust for a 07' R3 classic. It's the piece that covers the area where the three pipes converge into two. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. TXtriple

    Want to Buy I lost a heat shield clamp on the Maggie Valley trip.

    While doing some post trip maintenance, I discovered that a clamp fell off somewhere on the Maggie Valley run. Anyone have one laying around they would part with? Thanks in advance...
  4. BDClone

    Carpenter sidewinder... Wrap or Heat Shield

    Looking to wrap or do some sort of heat shield for my Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust. If I wrap, probably going to wrap it back to where the megaphone connects. Also thought about making shields for where my pants tend to touch the header pipe and down by the collector which throws a lot of heat...
  5. leatal

    Best $5 heat shield ever!

    For those who have a custom header exhaust know that even with the header ceramic coated and even with your leg being held away from the actual header, you will still get radiated heat from the header that roasts your calf when riding a while. After trying to get a custom heat shield made and...
  6. BigNorm

    Does anyone have a spare heat shield?

    I was wondering if anyone who has upgraded their header would mind parting with one of the 3 upper heat shields? I'm just trying to cover where my slip on fits. Thanks. Norm
  7. Quey

    Heat Shield

    Anyone know where I can source an exhaust heat shield (AKA Cover Assembly Cat Box RH) for an 09 Classic. I was lucky enough to get rid of the ridiculous exhaust the original owner had fitted and I've gone back to the traditional 3 pipes. (Thanks to a member here, Jason Jurgens). I can get an...

    Heat shield for Viking pipes

    I love my Viking pipes but like all custom pipes they tend to turn your your right leg into a bratwurst that's been forgotten on the barbe... even more of a problem in Las Vegas temperatures above 40C... So, I made several patterns and had a guy make brackets, cut, bend and weld them on to a...
  9. R3T-Too

    Heat shield for starter click

    What is the diameter for the crossover pipe on the Touring? I'm going to try to install a heat shield to prevent heat soak of the starter. Yes, I'm aware of the multitude of tips to address the hot click and have tried just about everything. The only time I get a click now is when it's very hot...
  10. Allan S

    Exhaust heat shield temparature.

    Anyone have any idea how hot the lower heat shields on the exhausts get? in other words the ones nearest the back of the pipes as opposed to the ones on the manifold.
  11. dawb

    "Crash" bar to radiator comparison.

    Simple question I think. Is the distance and angle from the crash bar to the radiator the same on TR3 and TR3 Touring? Ive a 2012 Touring and made a simple heat shield and want to make a few for regular Rocket owners as well...
  12. natural275

    For Sale More Items Added! TORS mufflers, Underseat Toolkit,Crash Bars, Seats, Saddle Bags, Rear Bag & More!

    For Sale: Heat shield, clam shell intake cover. Gel touring seat, A9701163/4. Triumph saddlebags with hardware, purchased used and not put on. Very good condition with some stitching that came out on each at the seems and is easily repaired. Reasonable prices. Some pieces dusty but will...
  13. alpental

    Heat shield fell off on the freeway

    Heard a loud clang while driving on the freeway today toward L.A. Looked around when I parked and saw the left side exhaust heat shield fell off. This is the second part to fall off my bike in the past month, the other being one of the factory bolted-on foot pads. I bought the bike new...
  14. forklift

    Carpenters new pipe, heat shields required?

    Have had my new header on my 2014 Roadster for 850+ miles riding in up to 98 degree days and have not felt any discomfort from heat. I do believe the results would not be the same on a Classic or Touring model where the foot position in farther foward. But for the Roadster the new style...
  15. Fingers

    Heat shield alternative

    This may or may not work for those looking for heat shields.Saw in J&P cataloug ,they call it flexible heat shield wrap.Item#161-601,161-602&178-525 This was an H- D catalog
  16. Heat Shield Hex Bolt

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone here has experienced the following issue. I received a new set of TOR's for my 2007 Rocket Classic Tourer and started the teardown process to install them. I didn't get far as the right side heat shield hex bolt, top of heat shield near exhaust header, is frozen...
  17. Heat shield screw / bolt... need replacement

    A screw must have rattled out of the heat shield on my R3R. I did some searching around and all I could find was an old post from 2007 that had some replacement part numbers but they don't seem to be valid anymore. Anyone know where I can get a replacement screw for the one missing in the picture?
  18. captain jack

    Heat shield mount

    Did you know that the exhaust heat shield is held on with two screws one of which screws in to a captive nut on an extension tab of the mounting plate on the exhaust manifold/ header. On mine this extension piece has snapped. The plate which runs behind the 3 outlets & header has to be bought...
  19. Predator exhaust heat shields??

    Hi Guys I have a 2007 Rocket with black Predators but didn't get heat shields from previous owner. I attempted to PM Travelguy with no response. Can anyone assist me in how I might get some? My right leg and my girlfriends will thank you in advance:) !
  20. Anyone have a spare heat shield screw?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a spare heat shield screw and washers(Part # 5576309-001 for the screw, 5576817-001 for the lock washer and 5576691-001 for the washer according to BikeBandit.com) they could send me? I noticed after a trip the other day I was missing the screw and...