heat shields

  1. Steel

    Heatshields for Carpenter Pipe

    Took a couple of pictures of Art's @imfastoo's exhaust. The heatshields are generic 10.5" heatshields with the curved end, from China. They're $10 on eBay. I think they fit well, and look like they were made for that pipe.
  2. leatal

    Custom heat shields for curved pipes

    Trying to make custom heat shields for a 2" curved header pipe with a 3.5" center line radius. Figured I would go with a 2.25" curved pipe. Does that sound about right? Also does anyone know what CLR is needed to follow the outside contour of the pipe?
  3. Allan S

    Exhaust heat shield temparature.

    Anyone have any idea how hot the lower heat shields on the exhausts get? in other words the ones nearest the back of the pipes as opposed to the ones on the manifold.
  4. Mittzy

    Time to make some heat shields for Reband

    Well Iv'e started swapped the system over to a Jardine system that I restored. Looks good but we will see how they go when I ride it. Set up the pipes on my spare head and bolted up - no for the fidly time consuming bit cutting - welding etc. This will not be a quick job.... Also the...