1. brsmits

    Carpenter Sidewinder on a Touring

    Don't tell me it won't fit. It just needed some "persuasion." Ok, so here's the deal: I was originally looking at the rocket because it's crazy. Then I saw that carpenter had built it up to another level of stupid crazy. It was always in the back of my mind, but I liked my race bike and my...
  2. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2007 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic cycle trader Indiana carp sidewinder $6500
  3. Ishrub

    For Sale Springs anyone? Carpenter sidewinder on eBay

    Springs anyone?;):D Carpenter sidewinder on eBay 3 days to go folks! Triumph Rocket3 Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust | eBay
  4. BDClone

    Carpenter sidewinder... Wrap or Heat Shield

    Looking to wrap or do some sort of heat shield for my Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust. If I wrap, probably going to wrap it back to where the megaphone connects. Also thought about making shields for where my pants tend to touch the header pipe and down by the collector which throws a lot of heat...
  5. BDClone

    Skinny Dyno Tune 2019-05-17

    Base was Hans0 2014+ Roadster unrestricted plus 10% Running Ramair and Carpenter Sidewinder. Tune was done outside, 85 F, with 56% humidity It runs a little lean between 3000 and 4200 rpm but the fuel table is maxed out. Made 152 hp and 158 ft-lbs torque
  6. leatal

    Custom Carpenter Sidewinder

    Finally got my custom Sidewinder exhaust finished and installed. Gone are the upper springs and the ugly header plate. I left on the lower springs holding the collector to the primaries for fear of expansion and cracking of the stainless primary tubes. The performance gain with this system is...
  7. leatal

    Sidewinder O2 sensor placement

    Anyone running the Sidewinder headers with baffle AND O2 sensor? Seems the sensor is in the wrong location to get an accurate reading in the exhaust system. The sensor probe is in the muffler and outside of the baffle in relation to the exhaust flow. Thinking about cutting a bigger hole in the...
  8. lunatic

    looking for tuneEcu map. 2005 with sidewinder & ramair.

    Hello, Need tune for a 2005 with ramair and carpenter sidewinder exhaust. I looked on tuneEcu and didnt find a tune there that matches this combo. Anyone have one of Hans tunes they can send me?
  9. scot in exile

    Sidewinder owners please read

    My rear brake was not activating the brake light so me being the ever smart guy looked at what I had installed last to see if that was the cause of my problem, well the Carpenter sidewinder that I installed a few months back has fried the electrical wires from the rear cylinder area and I mean...
  10. leatal

    Custom heat shields for curved pipes

    Trying to make custom heat shields for a 2" curved header pipe with a 3.5" center line radius. Figured I would go with a 2.25" curved pipe. Does that sound about right? Also does anyone know what CLR is needed to follow the outside contour of the pipe?
  11. Dale914

    Want to Buy Anyone want to sell their sidewinder?

    Looking to get myself into the Carpenter game. If anyone is toying with the idea of selling their sidewinder, let me know.
  12. sunsettt

    For Sale Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust

    I am selling a Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust(black), used for 2 months. I am selling because I prefer the look of dual exhaust so I replaced the original header with TOR's I paid $1,400 will sell for $900 plus shipping
  13. scot in exile

    Carpenter Sidewinder= 35hp

    The last Dynotune I had done a few years go showed around 169hp , recently installed the sidewinder and had it dyno'd again today on the same machine
  14. scot in exile

    Carpenter Sidewinder

    okay is the pipe hot yes but not hot enough for any discomfort, now sitting at a traffic light you do have to move your leg over a wee bit. When moving the air keeps the heat away from you, I wonder if the ones who complain about the heat have any kind of fairing or wind deflectors? One point...
  15. blip

    Carpenter Sidewinder Installation advice

    I wrote these up in a private converstaion for another member who asked for some tips and figured I might as well share with the broader group. Some general pieces of advice before you start: The pipes come with only springs and the pipes themselves (at least mine did) however installation is...
  16. Carpenter sidewinder map

    Hi guys, im looking for a map for my friend who has a 2014 rocket roadster with ram air intake (possibly changing to triple k&n's) and he has just ordered a carpenter sidewinder system. We are trying to avoid using a power commander so hoping for maybe a tuneecu map if theres one available or...
  17. Mark Graham

    2005 Rocket with carpenter 210 and sidewinder exhaust (which ECU map)

    Just wondering when about the correct map. I am having a couple of issues that might be corrected with the ECU. The bike randomly dies at idle (it will idle then and it will backfire through the air filters and then die) and in 5th gear around 3000 rpm there is a constant slight missing...
  18. blip

    Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust Installation - Help Needed I think

    Hey Guys, Just got my brand new sidewinder exhaust from carpenter. Super excited about it. The only issue is that the box did not come with any hardware or instructions except some springs. I think it might use stock hardware, but just curious. Has anyone installed carpenter pipes before that...
  19. scot in exile


    Does the Carp Sidewinder fit all RocketIII models?