1. o2 sensor

    HI all, just joined the group, I have had my Rocket 111 for many years now and love it. However I need to know where the o2 sensor lead from the exhaust plugs into the loom, long story but cant find it anywhere, I need to eliminate it. Thanks in advance
  2. NotSoHiddenFox

    Bank angle indicators/draggers/lean sensor/ that **** metal nipple.

    I destroyed mine already and I'm sad to say the Gman ones are no longer available. Those things were long lasting and extremely entertaining. I'm having trouble even finding oem ones. Anyone got any ideas? I have not asked the dealer yet.
  3. Big Wultis

    Could do with a bit of help guys🤞

    Can anyone tell me if this part number is the correct one for a ‘crankshaft position sensor to fit a 2005 rocket 111, cheers; T1290987
  4. biker1059

    Temp sensor

    So I took the GT out on its maiden voyage and about 30 miles in I get the high temp light. Of course I'm in the middle of nowhere and starting to freak a little. I pull over and the fans are not running, the bike does not seem hot at all and is running great. I'm thinking the best thing to do is...
  5. Mittzy

    T1292006 Sensor, Pressure, Airbox - What doe it do?

    I know what this part is - but I dont know how much influence this part has on the tune and the running of the bike. I have 2 roadsters, 1 has 230hp and airbox intact and the above mentioned part still installed but all airbox plumbing removed - Bike runs great. 2nd Roadster is 250Hp with ALL...
  6. ArekDeBoss

    Clutch sensor problem

    So lets start from the beginning some of you might even remember I am fully capable of fixing your dog or cat but I have no idea how to fix motorbikes. So i apologise in advance if some of my questions or actions look stupid to you. I had a problem with clutch sensor from the moment I changed...
  7. Mike Rocket

    Crankshaft position sensor

    Can somebody confirm where the crankshaft position sensor is on the rocket 3? Is it the sensor underneath the sump towards the rear with just the one fixing bolt? Or even better show a picture of it. It's not clear to me in the manual I have. Thanks
  8. tripX

    O2 sensor tuneecu

    Hi I have a TuneECU Android app I've been told to turn the O2 sensor off I just don't know what I should be doing any help please the Android app is different to the Windows app cheers
  9. tripX

    air sensors Ramair

    Fitted Ramair and cat delete single open muffler. The is a sensor in the Ramair intake I noticed there is one in the old airbox as well . what if anything should be done with this sensor. Cheers
  10. Ralsmith

    Temp sensor short code after installing Ramair

    i installed Ramair but forgot to reconnect temp sensor first time I turned ignition on. ECU spat a code, I re connected sensor and still have same short or open code on temp sensor. How do I clear this code. Do I need to do three heat cycles on ride or is there a way to clear using tune ECU. I...
  11. ant

    Ramair filter IAT sensor hole size ?

    I have been trying to purchase a rubber washer as shown on the parts list.Ramair are saying that the hole for the IAT sensor on the early filters were a larger hole and that was the reason for the washer. Is there anyone that knows for sure if only the early filters used the washers..I think...
  12. BlackSails

    P1105 Map Sensor Pipe Fault

    So several weeks ago out of the blue, my bike wouldn't start. Just clack & wouldn't turn over. After checking wires switches etc. I gave up & took it to the local Nashville Triumph dealer. Two weeks later they said, it's starting now, but not running right and will only start IF the power...
  13. JudgeMontrose

    Gear Position Sensor replacement 2014 R3R

    I've determined my gear position sensor on my '14 R3R is bad. Most of this diagnosis is based on the fact I took the sensor out of the motor, manually dialed it into neutral, taped it in place so it couldn't move, and tried to start the bike only for it to lose position ("--" displays on the...
  14. Kojack1970

    2016 RTR Tune and O2 Sensor

    Have a 2016 Roadster, with DPlatt crossover and matching mufflers. Just added a ramair last week also. So, I downloaded Hanso's tune 20776 3rd generation, unrestricted, 2014+ Roadster TORS, triple filter/ Ramair etc. and loaded to the ECU without issue. I did noticed on this tune the O2 sensor...
  15. Speedometer sensor for Rocket3

    I have a 2008 Rocket with only 10,000 miles. Speedometer suddenly just stopped working. All other lights and gauges are working fine. Speedometer and odometer are not moving at all. Is there a sensor somewhere I should be looking at or a wiring harness connection?
  16. Rainey Yang

    What is touring fuel level sensor direction??

    Hi all I need help We lost this Rocket III Turing fuel level sensor direction Anyone know which one is correct?
  17. Malcolm B

    Datatool Alarm Movement Sensor 2010 Roadster

    Hi all, is anyone aware how to reduce the sensitivity of the movement sensor...? A butterfly flaps its wings within 100 yards and the alarm goes off. I know it's the movement sensor as when I turn off the alarm it beeps one long beep followed by 3 short beeps. Is it a dealer only fix...??
  18. hoopla

    O2 sensor using autotune

    One of the things that I noticed during the first ride, was the huge change in fuel mileage. So, ok I've checked through the autotune set up and I can't see where they specify the O2 sensor setting. Considering that the system wants feedback from the sensor, I think the O2 sensor should be...
  19. CamaroCarl

    Turning off O2 sensor

    Finally getting around to removing/disconnecting my O2 sensor and I read that you should turn it off in the tune so you don't get a trouble code/check engine light. How exactly do you turn it off? I hooked up my tablet, using tuneecu Android app. I can pull up a list of sensors, several options...
  20. leatal

    Sidewinder O2 sensor placement

    Anyone running the Sidewinder headers with baffle AND O2 sensor? Seems the sensor is in the wrong location to get an accurate reading in the exhaust system. The sensor probe is in the muffler and outside of the baffle in relation to the exhaust flow. Thinking about cutting a bigger hole in the...