1. Stan

    Paint code

    is there a link with phantom black paint code somewhere or I need to call local dealer ? Thanks
  2. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    CEL Code P0113 IAT

    Got this C E L Code the other day before removing my RamAir filter for cleaning /re-oil. Did not read what the code meant until just now. Of course I have already installed the cleaned/oiled filter. Is the IAT sensor the one that inserts into the filter or is it the other sensor under the...
  3. Ralsmith

    Temp sensor short code after installing Ramair

    i installed Ramair but forgot to reconnect temp sensor first time I turned ignition on. ECU spat a code, I re connected sensor and still have same short or open code on temp sensor. How do I clear this code. Do I need to do three heat cycles on ride or is there a way to clear using tune ECU. I...
  4. Tazithman

    Haunted check engine light

    Check engine light comes on and goes off without rhyme or reason. Sometimes it will stay on for days, sometimes it randomly flashes off and on while riding, and sometimes it clears itself to come back a few days later. This has been happening for a month and I've attempted checking for error...
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