1. Xsannz

    Front rim paint chips

    So I'm 1200km into ownership. And today just about broke my hear, are these stone chips or deflections from stones? And holy God is their paint thick on these rims.
  2. Xsannz

    Paint Correction

    I will leave the detail to the photos and what was said by the detailer, but for a brand new bike, this think came out way better than anything on the showroom floor. Full detail, Paint correction, then full graphene cerakote of everything headers, brushed alu paint, everything before and...
  3. Palptine

    Paint Code Rocket 3 GT Silver Ice/Storm Grey

    Hello friends. I'm need the paint code for the Rocket 3GT Silver ice/sotrm gray because I need to do some touch ups on the fuel tank cover. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  4. Noidea

    Pitting on aluminium ?

    Hi guys , anyone else have these marks on the side panel on the GT Rocket ? you can see them but you can’t feel it looks like the start of pitting on the aluminium.
  5. Ishrub

    Best Flyscreen art or paint work?

    I'm going to kick this off with another of my 'Pop's Pills' weirdness moments!;):roll::roll: How very apt for a Rocket a Herd of Charging Elephants!;):cool: Tonights score a $20 epic themed flyscreen in the making! Copper sheet relief pressing. Frame size 90 cm x 67 and the Elephants are about...
  6. sunny

    Paint issue with Rocket 3R black exhaust :S

    Hi All, While riding Passenger shoe heel area rubbing against exhaust caused exhaust paint rip on ROCKET 3 R BLACK Edition , how to fix? Which type of paint is this? Ceramic or powder coat? I have a small spray gun connected to air compressor, please advise :( Regards
  7. Wdugan9080

    Vinyl paint, anyone ever done it?

    Hi I have a Black custom vinyl seat, I was looking at SEM Marine vinyl paint, anyone ever painted a seat on a motorcycle, and how durable was it? Thanks, Have a great day 👍
  8. Camulus

    Paint restoration

    I've just had a spare seat cut down by an inch (think I must be shrinking!) and the guy also chamfered the front slightly. #As this in now sitting slightly lower than the original it shows the area where the old seat had rubbed against the tank. # #This area now looks dull, I've tried the...
  9. leatal

    Touch up paint

    Anyone know where to purchase the bright silver touch up paint on the bottom of the forks on a GT and matt aluminum color for the plastic trim pieces?
  10. leatal

    Matt aluminum paint

    Anyone know where to get touch up paint for the front mud guard bracket on a 2020 Rocket 3 GT?
  11. White Rocket 3r

    White Rocket 3r

    Custom pearl paint, seat and tail tidy
  12. Pauls999

    White Rocket 3r Custom Paint & Seat

    This is my response to Triumphs "limited Edition" you can have any colour you like so long as it's black Rocket. (not really it been it's the making a long before they were announced) After a few months of waiting for stuff to be done because of lockdowns it's finally finished :) , my black...
  13. Earthquake

    2013 black white and cold pin striping paint codes?

    Anyone have the paint codes for a 2013 rocket touring black and white model with gold pin striping I need to get my fairing color matched
  14. CrackShot

    Paint Care

    I hope I'm not starting a religious war by asking for opinions on what is the best way to protect the finish on these bikes! I'm a long-time Zaino user but have been intrigued by the idea of ceramic coating. I know PPF is also an option but that seems overkill on a largely naked bike. If you...
  15. Smash

    Paint in engine.

    Anybody else have engine paint issues? I got them outside and INSIDE the cases. Flaking off. Clogged oil pump screen...
  16. Stan

    Paint code

    is there a link with phantom black paint code somewhere or I need to call local dealer ? Thanks
  17. maurice

    Touch up paint

    I would kick my a$$ uf I thought it would help, but it won't. My gps bracket, not positioned high enough, pushed on the brushed metal of the dash and took some paint off at the top, leaving 2 black spots. Any suggestions to make it not so noticable? Not expecting perfection. Dealer may have...
  18. Kevin frazier

    Your factory paint job

    I have the black with gray pin stripes oh my so pretty, i saw an article that said the pinstripes were put on at factory this would imply atleast the 08 models must have been made at henckley plant. It also said the man that does it does nothing else and been doing this along time, regardless of...
  19. Mike Rocket

    Black engine paint

    Can anybody recommend a good touch up paint for a black R3 engine. I only seem to find paint that is high temperature and not petrol proof or petrol proof paint that isn't heat proof. I just want to repaint a patch on the timing chain cover where the paint has bubbled up due to corrosion...
  20. SleepyOwl

    Paint and finish concerns

    Paint and finish concerns. Just completed 600 miles and love the bike. A few concerns that will raise when the dealer re opens but wondered if anyone else is experiencing this. I have the GT and the metal looks asif it is “pitting” in different places. It’s hard to see on the photos but there...