1. Earthquake

    2013 black white and cold pin striping paint codes?

    Anyone have the paint codes for a 2013 rocket touring black and white model with gold pin striping I need to get my fairing color matched
  2. CrackShot

    Paint Care

    I hope I'm not starting a religious war by asking for opinions on what is the best way to protect the finish on these bikes! I'm a long-time Zaino user but have been intrigued by the idea of ceramic coating. I know PPF is also an option but that seems overkill on a largely naked bike. If you...
  3. Smash

    Paint in engine.

    Anybody else have engine paint issues? I got them outside and INSIDE the cases. Flaking off. Clogged oil pump screen...
  4. Stan

    Paint code

    is there a link with phantom black paint code somewhere or I need to call local dealer ? Thanks
  5. maurice

    Touch up paint

    I would kick my a$$ uf I thought it would help, but it won't. My gps bracket, not positioned high enough, pushed on the brushed metal of the dash and took some paint off at the top, leaving 2 black spots. Any suggestions to make it not so noticable? Not expecting perfection. Dealer may have...
  6. Kevin frazier

    Your factory paint job

    I have the black with gray pin stripes oh my so pretty, i saw an article that said the pinstripes were put on at factory this would imply atleast the 08 models must have been made at henckley plant. It also said the man that does it does nothing else and been doing this along time, regardless of...
  7. Mike Rocket

    Black engine paint

    Can anybody recommend a good touch up paint for a black R3 engine. I only seem to find paint that is high temperature and not petrol proof or petrol proof paint that isn't heat proof. I just want to repaint a patch on the timing chain cover where the paint has bubbled up due to corrosion...
  8. SleepyOwl

    Paint and finish concerns

    Paint and finish concerns. Just completed 600 miles and love the bike. A few concerns that will raise when the dealer re opens but wondered if anyone else is experiencing this. I have the GT and the metal looks asif it is “pitting” in different places. It’s hard to see on the photos but there...
  9. Ishrub

    9x R3 Touring paint options and associated VIN with ABS and pre ABS models

    Colors/Combos pre and with ABS and VIN Details -CP Jet Blk/Sunset Red: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PG Jet Black -JN Eclipse Blue/Azure Blue -NG Jet Blk/New England White: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PR Phantom Black - ABS Version > 574820 -NW Phantom Black/Crystal...
  10. 1K9

    Paint for Rocket

    I have carelessly dinged my TwoTone tank and would like to restore it to new condition. Does anyone know a good MC painter, preferably in Houston?
  11. Paint Colors

    Hoping to draw on community knowledge here. I'm going to paint the tank, radiator shrouds, and a few other bits on my bike. I am over the Satin/Matte finish. What I'm after is a nice, deep metallic black, something like the metallic black dodge uses, but the dodge color isn't dark enough...
  12. Namikuz

    Clear bra and other paint chip protection.

    Well, I have acquired a GORGEOUS '05 that someone put a lot of money and time into. Now I need away to preserve her from Utah's debris filled roads...... Anyone use clear bra or similar on their bikes bags and front fenders? Or what have you been using to protect from rock chips, ect ????
  13. canecorso

    chrome paint

    has any one heard about chrome paint? or know any one that has done it? its not the paint this has real metal in it and when it goes on, it looks like real chrome and he can add any color to it , I was thinking a medium black with a silver chrome cobra stripes or black stripes to do my tins on...
  14. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Cylinder block bubbling paint

    Hi. Ours is a 2004 and us experiencing some weirdness with the coating on the engine on the exhaust side. I'm a bit concerned it could be a problem, coolant fluid levels and type of fluid is correct. Is it just an age thing????
  15. Martin-Brighton-uk

    How loud is the Paint Can Rattle?

    So riding yesterday, a couple of times, when decelerating or in cruise, I hear a noise, it's loud I can hear it over the engine. Sounds like a tin can being kicked down the road. Or a paint can being very vigorously shaken but it really was quite loud. Thought I was dragging a tin can and it was...
  16. Paul Bryant

    "Paint Can rattle"

    So what actually is this "paint can rattle" that I often hear from the L/H side when accelerating a little ? It sounds like pre-ignition, but know it's not that.
  17. vevey710

    Paint colors

    Hi I have a 2012 Rocket 3 its black with like a silver metalic effect. but its got a small chip on the gas tank. Any one got the paint colors for that year. Thanks
  18. Jvheli

    Black engine paint match

    Any of you found a touch up paint that matches? I do not want to repaint the whole head, but mine got a few bare spots over the exhaust ports.
  19. Cruze Ryder


    well captains, havent been on for a long time but thought i'd post some pics of my new build, i have posted some before and after pics as well, enjoy. did all the work myself, except the paint. took her for her first run today, 85KLMS one way, didnt miss a beat
  20. Mikethepie

    Paint code/ stove enamelling wheels.

    Evening all, I'm thinking of getting the wheels stove enamelled the same colour as the bike. Two questions - Is there a paint code or number somewhere to identify the colour, which I only know as Triumph red at present, to give to the enamellers? - Anyone else have any experience of stove...
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