Rattle Can Paint Job


Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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I have posted a couple of threads about odd Japanese projects that tend to end up in my garage. My latest was an 83 XS650 Yamaha bobber that was put together and never really completed by the builder. It changed hands and ended up sitting in a Virginia motorcycle shop for over a year to get it up and running because the new owner did not have much mechanical ability. He grew tired of waiting brought it home and parked it in his drive way for another year where it sat untouched until he decided to sell it. The bike had good bones, great compression, fire, a valid title, and a lot of TC Brothers custom parts installed, but most of all the price was right.

Once home I found the main issue was the carbs, the needles were sitting loose in the slides and not even going into the seats. After rebuilding the carbs, changing oil and filters, and a new coil, the bike fired immediately and ran **** good. Dealing with mainly cosmetic issues from that point on, I decided I would try my first two tone rattle can paint job. I always use good automotive paint and SprayMax 2K clear and generally have good results. This time I used a company I highly recommend for the paint, Route 66 Automotive Paint, their selection is amazing and the product is excellent. Paint is custom mixed and they use nothing but SprayMax cans. I don't why but I ended up choosing a Metallic Emblem Green with offset black stripes. After a couple of hours of trying to exactly measure the stripes on the black base, I gave up and trusted my 74 year old eye sight. I am really satisfied with final results and I basically finished up the bike completely yesterday. I have not decided if I am going to keep it or not, a few more miles on back country roads will be the deciding factor. I just wanted to point out for those out like me who enjoy tinkering with old iron you can achieve decent paint results for not a lot of money if you take your time and use the right materials.


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Mar 3, 2022
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The wheels look great too. Well done all over.