1. Gary

    Front master cylinder 06 Classic

    High Guy's Have just rebuilt my master cylinder but can't get them bleed. Have tried the old fashioned bleeding with the help of her indoors and also vacuum bleeding but nothing. I took the calipers off and fired the air line in to see if the pistons were siezed. A couple were sticky but all ok...
  2. brsmits

    Swapping your floorboards for pegs. It's easy.

    I have a touring but wasn't a fan of the floorboards. I'm too used to pegs. So I started swapping parts with another user, and I took my first ride today on them. It's great! Here's what you need to swap: Right side: Floorboard rail with three bolts up front and two in back. Master Cylinder...
  3. Terry S

    Terry from Christchurch NZ, Hi team my bikes running rich.

    Gidday everyone, I ride a 2007 Rocket 3 Classic that i've had since new. Its got over 90000 klm on it, mostly open road klms as I prefer riding that. For around town riding I have a Vespa 300 scooter that is a perfect town bike. After the last two years servicing my Rocket hasn't been running...
  4. Tazithman

    Tuning 07 classic (questions)

    I have a triple K&N system on the way and was wondering if I needed to change the tune if the exhaust stays stock. Basically will just the intake swap make the mix more lean if exhaust is unchanged. I have ordered a viking 3-1 from Paul on the forum but sadly it will take a few months to get...
  5. numbnuts57

    HELP, Mystery object, where the F does it go.+ Need Photo of Inside hand controls2007 CLASSIC

    Can someone tell me where this bit goes, It is somewhere up front. The bike has been stripped down for a couple of years and for the life of me can't remember where it goes. Also would anyone be willing to take a photo of the inside of their hand controls showing the wiring routing. I fitted T...
  6. G

    rocket III classic won't start

    hello everyone i have a 2008 rocket III classic with 33,000 miles, and i have ran into a problem. i noticed the unit as slow at starting sometimes then one cold morning in the great state of georgia the unit wouldn't start at all. so i letit sit for a week on the charger, went out one saturday...
  7. Ishrub

    Classic handle bar part numbers and brake lines/cables etc

    You may still be able to order and get the components and required extra length cables/lines etc to suit from Triumph dealers. For reference: HANDLEBAR KIT - CLASSIC A9758082 Handlebar Classic Kit - Triumph ROCKET III, CLASSIC & ROADSTER | Triumph ROCKET III, CLASSIC & ROADSTER Handlebar...
  8. headless74

    Best map for rocket classic 2008

    Hi, I would know which is the best map for my rocket without cat. I upload the 20221 and i disabled the O2 but I think is better the 20219. what do you think about it? What are the differences between the classic maps and the normal rocket ones? I though the engines was the same.. thank you in...
  9. Kim Turner

    2007 Classic thermostat question

    What is the difference between thermostats T2100715 @ $55.59 and T2100891 @ $48.25, apart from $13.34? Different opening temperatures? Thank you
  10. tripX

    Tuneecu map for classic

    Hi again, im after a tuneecu map for a 2008 classic with Ramair and stock triple pipes. I have been to by others that the 12 minute tune I did would still be to lean. Bike is stock apart from Ramair. Any help please
  11. mickm7

    roadster pipes on a classic

    hi all,can anyone tell me if I can fit roadster dave platt outlaws on my classic,or if there is much to modify to make fit...thanks in advance..
  12. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2006 Triumph Rocket III Classic Garrett Turbo cycle trader Wisconsin $6000

  13. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2007 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic cycle trader Indiana carp sidewinder $6500

  14. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Handle Bars Rocket Classic Tourer New Never Installed

    Rocket Classic Tourer Handle Bars. New never installed. Slightly wider and with a little more pull back than a Standard/Roadster. USD $75 + Shipping.
  15. Rocket Man III

    Boosterplug for 06-09 Rocket 3 Classic

    I ordered a Boosterplug this month and love it. It really smoothes out the jerky low gears and adds significantly to acceleration. To my surprise I got a 2nd one a week later. I’m not sending it back to Denmark so if you are interested I will sell it for $100.00. They are $159.00. Call or text...
  16. chrisw

    New to forums - Just got a rocket classic

    HI all, I have been reading the forum for a while, whilst deciding between a Rocket and a VMAX 1700. Rocket won! Current looking at decat options. I have another cat which I have cut the top off just to see how the cat element is positioned and have been able to take it out. May replace cat...
  17. Ozarksflyfisher

    2014 Roadster Seat for 07 Classic Tourer?

    Will a single seat from a 2014 Rocket III Roadster fit on a 2007 Rocket III Tourer (actually the special edition Classic Tourer)? Thanks Joe
  18. mickm7

    classic self cancelling indicators

    classic self cancelling,can I add self cancelling relay,considering that power is there until you physically have to push indicator button to turn off..
  19. Hardware_Hank

    New to Rockets and forums!

    I always dreamed of having a Rocket 3, but they are very rare here in North Dakota. I found the perfect one for sale just 1 state over and had to have it! I've had it now for a little over 4 months now and put on 8700 miles, I can't stop riding it! This is my 5th bike I've owned and easily my...
  20. C

    R3 Classic headlight bracket

    Hi all. Discovered a fair bit of rust on the headlight bracket with paint peeling off. Is there an easy way to remove this bracket for a clean-up and repainted? The grommets and stays are inserted in the top and bottom of the fork spacers. Can't see any other way than disassembling the whole...
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