1. Dewy

    Recently Acquired Rocket Classic.

    Hello everyone, just bought my 06 this week and gradually getting familiar with it, looks like a good place for tips and advice, plus sharing experiences with the mighty Rocket. 😀
  2. elcanaco

    Eagle lights for ‘08 Classic

    Here’s a photo of the issue I’m having. The flange where the case meets the glass on the Eagle is 1/8” thicker (deeper) than a standard OEM light so that when the Eagle is placed in the bucket the beauty (retaining) ring can’t go on far enough rearward so that 1) The factory bolt is too short...
  3. Yjomax

    Rocket III Classic speedo

    Hi guys, I am one of the 'lucky' ones and my speedo died recently. It is single tone (black facia) pre abs model. I have been looking for a new one, but seems that Triumph discontinued it. Send my unit for repair to Carmo Electronics (Netherlands), but after two months exchanging emails about...
  4. Earthquake

    Fuel pump question 09” classic

    I took my fuel pump out to get my tank powder coated along with the rest of the bike it was a son of a gun to get it out I’m thinking I bent what I can only assume is fuel light sensor is this supposed to look like this or is this supposed to bend forward and clip into the circle point anyone...
  5. Adriano

    other handlebars on Touring

    hello everyone! I am getting painful wrists after riding for only 20 minutes. I read throughout this forum and I have seen quite a few folks complaining about the same thing. Rise and width are good, it's the angle at which the OEM handlebar is pushing my wrists that's just not working for me...
  6. MalFUN

    HI All, just getting back after time off here, i've a 2006 R3 classic since 09, had troublle with bad mechanic, trying to back to my econ back.

    HI All, just getting back after time off here, i've a 2006 R3 classic since 09, had troublle with bad mechanic, trying to back to my econ back, finally got phone app working, just trying to chase down some maps for a 2006 r3 classic stanard motor, pod filters, no cat , pipes and darkside too i...
  7. RIchareno

    Crash/highway bars for '09 Classic

    Looking for highway bars for my '09 Classic. Anyone have any leads? Thanks
  8. Earthquake

    LF tunes for my classic and roadster

    Lf unrestricted tune for 09” classic with tors cat delete cross over pipe and ram air I’ve looked at tune ecu there stuff for the tors and cat delete but nothing for those with a ram air Also looking for unrestricted tune for 18” roadster with Dave platt 3-1 stock filter And a unrestricted...
  9. Earthquake

    Question about classic floorboard controls on roadster

    Can you put classic floor boards on a abs roadster? I swapped my classics pegs for boards it was a straight swap but I’m getting a roadster as a second bike and plan to put boards on that too I know they mount in a different spot so I’d need a longer break line but is the abs going to be a issue?
  10. broken diagnostic socket on R3 classic

    Hi all plugged in my tuneboy and while trying to unplug it the female part that's on the bike broke! anyone have an idea where to get a repalacement ( new or used) thanks in advance
  11. new throttle body 2007 classic

    Had to bite the bullet and get a new throttle body, what i want to know is what to set up first the 2 TPS or balance the throttles and does the bike have to up to running temp to do them?. Thanks if you can tell me!
  12. Lift man


    HI ALL hello from the uk hope you had a lovely christmas and all the best for the new year. I am a proud r3 classic owner and love it still riding at 65 and hoping for many more years. Thanks for accepting me into your group ,best I've looked at . Best regards to all Dave
  13. 301738543_2000240780163332_7780715477654714922_n.jpg


    My 2010 rocket 3 hybrid as in its got 2009 and 2010 parts must have been a cross over. Its got 2009 clocks and exhausts (3 of em) but is first registered in 2010. Bloody confusing when trying to get bits for it lol
  14. Speedy

    Classic Speedo needed

    I am looking for a speedometer to fit a 2008 Classic. With or without the cup. Mine sweeps, has idiot lights, but odometer and trip meters stay at zero, and of course no function going down the road. Don't care what mileage is showing. Send me a message with asking price and details.
  15. Frederick45

    Spark plugs for a 2007 rocket 3 classic

    Hey guys what's a good plug for my 2007 rocket 3 classic I have NGKdpr7ea-9 are these ok
  16. Frederick45

    No idle 2007 classic

    I have to give my bike a little throttle to start it no idle
  17. VoltaicVoltaire

    Combine Two Rockets? A classic and touring.

    A few of You may have seen my recent post I have a 2010 touring model with a bad engine. I just picked up a 2008 classic with a salvage title. My plan is to combine these two. I like the tins so much better on the classic, the touring is black while the classic is a lovely two tone. I would...
  18. TriumphRIII

    Speed sensor

    Speed sensor, where is it located on a 2009 RIII Classic?
  19. Kim Turner

    2007 rocket III Classic turns signal replacement

    Anybody traded out their stock turn signals to something more compact? Anything out there plug and play?
  20. RazMan


    SHOCKS WANTED - for my 2005 classic. My back hurts so help me out please guys! New or second hand I don't mind ..... as long as its COMFY