1. RockyTop Ty

    LED lights for 2008 Classic

    Hi everyone, Would like to replace my halogens with LEDs. Local shop guys referred me to an owner's forum, as they had no answers. It's a 2008 Classic, so just unsure how to replace all halogens on the bike with brighter LEDs. Cheers, Trey
  2. Gary

    Classic master cylinder

    Hi Folks, Sorry if this has been asked but can't find any info, Does anyone know the part number for the master cylinder that has the larger piston? I believe it is for 2010/2011 onwards. I have a 06 Classic but want to change the master cylinder for the later one am guessing this has been done...
  3. 06 Rocket 3 classic slipping

    Hello , i currently own a 06 rocket 3 classic and im having an issue that i cant figure out what the problem is.. when i take off in first gear and i get to around 3000 rpms the bike feels like its slipping when i shift to second its good until 3000 rpms and does the same but after second gear...
  4. Mongler07

    New 07 classic owner (fixer-upper)

    Hi all....... thanks for having me. here is a video I just uploaded to my garage channel check it out I just picked up a 07 classic that was dropped. got a bunch of parts Used tank and clutch controls, new tire 240/55r16 Bridgestone exedra, and i got a smoking hot deal on a 140/80r17 Dunlop...
  5. Liam2x

    For Sale R3 2006 classic parts

    For sale Left side crash bar chrome One classic mirror Front and rear fenders in below color 2 sets of rear signals and front signals Chrome classic handle bar Handle bar mount for very short people. No rise US will ship elsewhere at your expense 2006 classic r3 Black and red two tone gold...
  6. RIchareno

    2009 OEM Touring exhaust on a Classic??

    So I just got my 2009 Classic and some jackwagon had cut out the catalytic converter, crossover and LH silencer, effectively making it a 3 into 1 with the RH silencer being only 3" dia. The bike runs terrible until it has been running for about 15-20 minutes, then it runs fine. Could this be...
  7. Joseph James

    2007 Rocket 3 Classic

    My 2007 Rocket 3 developed a issue with the Power Commander 3 that was installed and tuned 12 years ago. Intermittently the bike would stall and run rich. I disconnected the CP 3 and reconnected the wiring harness but forgot to reconnect the O2 sensor. My bike has a K&N air filter, cat...
  8. Kea

    2006 R3 Classic new owner introduction

    I live in central Michigan and picked up my 06 classic in September 2020. Am still a little shocked that my wife allowed it! Really enjoyed the short amount of time I was able ride this past fall and, God willing, am looking forward to getting in a full season next year. Appeared to have been...
  9. vindex1963

    Weight of a 2006 Rocket 3 Classic

    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/triu/triumph_rocket_iii%2004.htm Dry weight 704, wet weight 771.6 How can gas and oil weigh 67.6 lbs? Gas is 39lbs, oil is maybe 2lbs a quart at 5.5 qts that's 11lbs, coolant is 2.5 lbs a qt at 2 quarts is 5lbs wet weight must include the battery...
  10. Best map for r3 2005 classic with bypass and ramair setup

    Hi guys. Just waiting for my ramair setup to arrive and was wondering what the best map at the moment is for a 2005 r3 with bypass pipe, stock silencers and a bypass pipe fitted is. Not to worried about the secondaries as they saw my toolbox and fell out so will always be 100%. Cheers for any...
  11. Hardware_Hank

    Sta in tune exhaust on the classic

    I got a complete staintune exhaust with tripple mufflers and crossover pipe from @Idaho Red Rocket 3 , put a little over 1000 miles on with them, and I am in love! Install was pretty straightforward. Just take off the old pipes and cat box, and clamp on the new setup. No gaskets required...
  12. Tazithman

    Need tune for 07 classic with Viking 3 in 1 exhaust

    Hey all, was hoping to have this all done by now but Covid has caused quite the delay in getting my exhaust. I FINALLY got the email saying my system was off to the chrome shop so I'm holding out hope I'll see it within the next few weeks so it's time to find a tune. 07 classic with triple KN...
  13. Morph1976

    2007 rocket 3 classic exhaust upgrade

    Hi guys, I've been reading through a lot of posts and the majority of which have been US guys. What I'm after is an idea of cost in the uk. I have owned my bike for 5 weeks having come from a kawasaki vulcan 900 and took the baffles out which produced a nice sound and want to achieve the same...
  14. slydog75

    Can the rear suspension be adjusted? 2007 Classic

    On the last bike I had (a Honda Shadow Sabre 1100) you could adjust the rear suspension by twisting the rear shocks.. This does not seem to be an option on my Rocket.. IS the rear suspension adjustable? It bottoms out to easy right now ( I weigh nearly 300lbs) especially with a passenger.
  15. PWGR3

    R3 touring tune on a classic? TuneECU

    Hello, i have an 07 Classic that I have full jardines with removed baffle/cats, and triple filter with removed secondaries. I saw where there was a tune for all r3s with removed Cat jardines and triple filters with higher gas rating. But under the R3Touring it had one that had full power removed...
  16. R3spain

    New in the group

    Hi Folks. Just arrived. R3 Classic 2010, from Spain. Bought a couple of months ago. Pleased to join this forum.
  17. vindex1963

    My 2006 R3 Classic dyno

    Here it is 140hp 154tq runs much smoother and the power is now everywhere. He said it low rpm was lean and high rpm was rich. Overall it's a much more responsive, better running bike. Canned maps are fine but a modified bike really does need to have a custom tune. I started this thread because...
  18. Gary

    Front master cylinder 06 Classic

    High Guy's Have just rebuilt my master cylinder but can't get them bleed. Have tried the old fashioned bleeding with the help of her indoors and also vacuum bleeding but nothing. I took the calipers off and fired the air line in to see if the pistons were siezed. A couple were sticky but all ok...
  19. brsmits

    Swapping your floorboards for pegs. It's easy.

    I have a touring but wasn't a fan of the floorboards. I'm too used to pegs. So I started swapping parts with another user, and I took my first ride today on them. It's great! Here's what you need to swap: Right side: Floorboard rail with three bolts up front and two in back. Master Cylinder...
  20. Terry S

    Terry from Christchurch NZ, Hi team my bikes running rich.

    Gidday everyone, I ride a 2007 Rocket 3 Classic that i've had since new. Its got over 90000 klm on it, mostly open road klms as I prefer riding that. For around town riding I have a Vespa 300 scooter that is a perfect town bike. After the last two years servicing my Rocket hasn't been running...