1. Rocket Scientist

    Idle stepper

    Do any of you go fast motor types have a good idle stepper laying around your not going to use ? I think mine is knackered.
  2. RIII Forever

    Idle at 1200 rpm

    Good morning everyone and happy Easter! I wanted to have help if possible on my problem .... in practice the bike when it is turned on remains the high minimum accelerated around 1200 rpm when then a small stroke of the accelerator returns to normal speed. Yesterday I also made the ISCV...
  3. BDClone

    Idle is over 2700 rpm Help

    I had adjusted my throttle bodies and figured I would also do the ISCV adjustment in TuneECU. The Primary TPS is set to .60 volts the ISCV reads .63 volts. Adjusting the nut doesn't change anything. I have been trying to figure this out. I have the manual and have been going through all the...
  4. rainman

    Low idle

    Me and Wendy went out for a ride today and bout halfway through it my 06 classic started to have low idle when stopped at the red light and died on me at one of the stops
  5. chrisw

    Ramair > decat = Idle hunt

    Hi just finished adding Ramair and decat. loaded tune (HanSo) Question: I know the 02 sensor is in play at idle and the tune has O2 enabled. is the base narrow band 02 sensor able to relay info back to ECU quick enough to when air flow upgrades applied Reason for question: i have done a...
  6. flash

    Idle afr is too rich help needed.

    Hi im trying to get my idle mixture to run leaner it sits on 11.01 to 1 . I have tried to adjust the F tables but no difference. I have read up on what i could find on the net , it mentions adjusting the L tables or eliminating the L tables all together . I have tried working out how to do this...
  7. vindex1963

    Rough idle

    My 2006 Classic has been down for an ignition so while I waited for a new one I changed spark plugs and installed a Ram Air intake. Today the Rocket is back in action!! I loaded a new tune for the intake and when I started the bike it wouldn't idle I had to twist the throttle to keep it running...
  8. gR3yWolf

    Running Rich (the bike, not me) & Faltering Idle

    OK, here's the deal...over a stretch of 300-400 miles, mostly back and forth to work, I noticed my fuel mileage began to drop. During this period of time the idle began to go lower and rougher, until it reached the point where I had to keep the rev's up when I stopped, otherwise, it would stall...
  9. Raising Idle Speed

    Afternoon guys Trawled the forum and posted in other threads but not had an answer yet so sorry if this has been done a thousand times before! My idle seems slow at 850 rpm and I would like a raise it in tune ecu, I can find the idle column on the left of the screen but...
  10. Low idle when warm and won’t start

    Hi all, so I’m new to the Rocket world and hope someone can give me some onsite on what to do. I have an 05 rocket roadster 60k miles. When I run the bike for a wile and it gets warm the idle goes way down when I come up to a stop sign or light. Sometimes it shuts off and won’t start back up...
  11. gharger

    Unstable idle solved

    I've fought an unstable idle and tuning problems since I bought my 05 R3. The bike has 17k miles on it and was bone stock when I bought it. Now, Carpenter header exhaust, Ramair and, tuneecu. Looking down inside the fuel tank it looked clean but that silly un-lead plate bolted to the bottom of...
  12. Bob R

    Wandering Idle when cold

    Recently I have started having issues with my idle when the engine is first started. It will hunt for 30-60 seconds with the variance between the high and low decreasing as time goes on. When I first start it I will sometimes go as high as 1500rpm and then settle down to about 850, then up again...
  13. High idle

    Hi guys I have just returned from a trip round spain everything went well went to the bike today and when I started it it revved it's nuts off I've tried cleaning the crank angle sensor but no joy any suggestions would be ap
  14. Ragnar

    Idle trouble

    hi guys I am having some trouble with my 2006 classic. Bought it a few weeks ago. The bike had been mostly standing for a few years. Have changed all fluids and filters and spark plugs. Bike specs when i bought it: Milage 15 thousand miles Catalytic converter removed from exhaust Power...
  15. leatal

    Idle RPM?

    I have to ask- What is the best idle RPM in hot climates? I thought I read sometime ago that Nev recommended setting the idle RPM to 940 or 950 to ensure the rear of the cams get sufficient lube. Also to run 50 weight oil. I can't find the thread, but see the OEM idle is set at 850 and Hanso...
  16. Anomaly

    Idle issue killing me

    I'm about ready to tear my hair out over this. Bike was fine, until about about 3 months ago when it started hesitating on decel. About 3 months prior to all this (around Dec.) I went through and gave it a all around service and had it retuned. At that time air filter was cleaned, fuel filter...
  17. Tyler Bonser

    backfire, low power, stalling. previous high idle

    Right to the point 2005 rocket 22,000 miles. Started to get a occasional high idle but would go away after a minute then started rarely getting a backfire when i would be lugging it down a bit then get on the throttle. Problem got worse so took it to a Triumph dealer. Just to point this out...
  18. Rocket 3 classic low idle

    I have a 2006 Rocket 3 Classic, bought late fall still learning it. When I come to stop signs etc it idles very low and sometimes even dies. It only does it intermittently. Has anyone experienced this before or know what could be the cause?
  19. sleeves

    Engine Idle Question

    Over the last few months @Paul Bryant s bike has developed an odd idling issue we have been trying to resolve and its now time to ask everyone. On load it also feels "heavy" The obvious has been tried, TPS ISCV rest and correct, MAP lines all good, new plugs, cleaned air filters, throttles are...
  20. xrays

    idle stall and warm up?

    Guys, I've had my R3R for about a week now - it's my daily driver and I commute with it. Other than arriving to work with a permanent silly grin on my face, I've noticed a pattern. If i don't let it warm up, the bike stalls with the clutch-in, in 1st gear at my first light (about .5 mile)...