1. wacanuck

    Sissy Bar needed for 2006 Triumph Rocket III

    Everywhere i am looking is saying discontinued by Triumph so any ideas where I can get sissy bar, pad, luggage rack.
  2. Vlan2k

    Want to Buy '18 Roadster Seat Needed

    Need a new seat for my '18 Roadster... just the rider seat, no pillion. Willing to trade a black Corbin batwing fairing with slight damage to left side.
  3. Lamonster

    Got a much needed ride in...Love this bike!

    Went for a little ride yesterday with my wife on her new 2020 Spyder RT. It was a great day for a ride. She was a little upset at me. People kept walking up to us at the fuel stop and she expected them to ask about the new RT but instead they wanted to know all about the Rocket. This thing draws...
  4. I came back, little catch up advise needed.

    After selling my Rocket 11 years ago, I have been thru about every make there is. With all the talk about the 2020 Rocket, my interest has been rekindled. I looking at a few different used Rockets in my area, and have a few questions on what has been going on. It seems the only aftermarket...
  5. Stillserving

    Mod needed to fit Iso grips

    Now, I understand this might not be very common configuration, so keep that in mind. I will start by stating that I ran into this issue when I attempted to fit the Kuryakyn Iso grips to my Roadster. The part that made this mod necessary was the combo of iso grips, with either the stock bar...
  6. flash

    Idle afr is too rich help needed.

    Hi im trying to get my idle mixture to run leaner it sits on 11.01 to 1 . I have tried to adjust the F tables but no difference. I have read up on what i could find on the net , it mentions adjusting the L tables or eliminating the L tables all together . I have tried working out how to do this...
  7. Tattoomick

    Tune needed please.

    Hi guys and girls, well my lonelec cable came today, connected it up to see what map is in the bike and it is the 20776 map, I have tors , ramair, and link pipe fitted , my vin is above 6s so the newer version, 2013 roadster. It isn't running correct since I put the link pipe on, popping and...
  8. Slim

    Tuneecu map needed

    Hi. I've had a look through the resources section and can't find the map I'm after. I've got a 2005 model and need a map for tors with collector box still fitted and a ramair kit. Everything I can find is for tors with bypass. Cheers
  9. Ishrub

    Early R3 instruments needed or info on replacement options

    @Turk has in-operable instruments on his early 2005 R3 and needs some to register it. His pods are fine, so just internals will do if somebody has damaged ones. This is Turk's bike's details Identifier number: SMTTLC00355213285 Identifier type: VIN Vehicle type: MOTOR CYCLE Make: TRIUMPH...
  10. rangerbob56

    Needed valve adjustment, fuel injectors, exhaust leak………

    How can I identify that “ticka-ticka-ticka” sound coming from my engine? I have a 2012 Roadster, and it seems like the noise has been there all along. I get different opinions from everyone; valves that need adjusting or it’s just the fuel injectors and it’s normal (both from a dealer, whom I...
  11. kcc11

    Info and Tunes needed for Tuneboy and PC-V w/Carps. 240 kit.-DONE AT LAST-

    Found a tuner and is about 6 miles from the house. Never know he was there. Down a dirt road and has been there for years. Found a number of problems. 1st. was running very lean, like 14 -1 at idle and would jump to 18-1 under throttle. Full or part throttle was way to lean. He starts to adjust...
  12. Allan S

    Help needed - local advice for riding in the Southwest mountains.

    I am part of a group that are planning a 10 day ride from Vegas throughough the southwest back to Vegas from April 17 to 28 next spring. The problem I am having is icy roads or snow at higher elevations on the the route through Sherman pass, Grand Sequoia National Park, and the river road that...
  13. Cav Man

    Advice needed, exhaust strategy

    So, I bought my Rocket III this spring on an impulse after riding HD's for almost 30 years and have put about 6,500 miles on the beast. I have to say I love the thing: it's simple and straightforward with few pretensions other than "see torque city." As with some other members of this forum...
  14. Chrome guard rails

    does anyone know were I can get chrome rails that go around hard saddlebags and the chrome triumph spears that go on the top of the covers ?