1. Chip

    Oil pressure gauge.

    I have a new (to me) 2015 R3T. This bike has just over 2000 miles on the odometer. When I start the engine the low oil light stays on for a few seconds, flickers then goes out. I would like to put a oil pressure gauge on the engine. Question: where can I tap in at?
  2. W

    oil change and how to do a search on forum

    changed my oil yesterday put in 4.8 qts checked the level by the owners manual it was below the minimum mark so I put the rest of the last qt in and it barely went past the minimum. Are you guys going with more oil than the manual says? Also how do I do a search on this forum?
  3. Mike Rocket

    Non return valve and oil drain down problem

    Here is something I don,t understand. I have the bottom sump off of my 2014 rocket with the non return valve removed and I have put oil in the tank, but the oil is not running out of the drilling that the non return valve fits into. I thought it would run straight out immediately. The oil tank...
  4. Hubguru

    Question about R3R drinking oil.

    Hi All, Over the years I would regularly check my bikes out with simple maintenance, oil level, air pressure, battery tenders, coolant level, ect... But for whatever reason, I did turn 50 a few months back, I haven't checked my rocket engine oil, ever. I did the 1000 mile checkup, oil change...
  5. Jdon317

    Oil change. Wrong bolt drained to impeller gulley

    Hi looking for some advice. 2014 Roadster I did an oil change and made a basic mistake undoing one of the bolts to the oil gulley to the scavenger impellers. The one just behind the front sump plug. Oil drained out I then completed the normal oil change with the correct three drains and filter...
  6. chris haentjens

    2.5 oil filter part #

    I for the life of me cannot find the triumph part# for our bikes. Does anyone have it available? Thanks a ton!
  7. Justin Lakes

    Supercharged bike blowing oil cap off

    We keep losing oil cap/dip stick off. I'm thinking it's under hard acceleration. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to remedy it ? Venting crankcase to exhaust or better venting in general.
  8. mexican

    10k mile oil changes???

    Is that a typo on the manual?? just changed my oil and since i couldn't remember i checked the online manual, also valve checks every 40k miles??? is taht correct?? seems exessive long to me:confused:
  9. Mike Rocket

    Oil tank check valve

    Can anyone tell me if the R3 oil tank check valve part number T1210003 is supplied with a new o ring seal as I cannot find the seal on the triumph parts list. They just show the check valve. Thanks for any help.#
  10. Mike Rocket

    Oil pipe question

    Please can somebody tell me which is the oil pipe in the clutch area that drips and drains down the oil tank while the engine is off, or is it the spay bar in the timing chain side? Do you have to remove the complete timing chain cover (not just the small round clutch cover) to deal with this...
  11. tribal

    Help: Need Correct oil level min/max marks on aftermarket oil temperature dipstick

    Hello. Does anyone use this temperature dipstick below (from Newbonneville.com)?? Normally I change my oil at home and use my OEM dipstick to check oil levels. I meant to scratch some marks on the temperature dipstick but never did - the marks on it are not correct for an R3. I changed my...
  12. Mike Rocket

    Oil tank draining

    I know this is an old thread but I need reassurance. My oil tank completely drains down into the sump within 3 days of parking up after a run. Looking at the drawing it looks like the oil pick up and scavenge pipes in the tank are higher than the oil level so it cannot be draining down through...
  13. Jetag93

    About to do 600 mile oil/filter change and final drive gear oil

    I've put 600 miles on my beautiful beast since picking it up a week ago. Anyone do the first service yet? I've read the manual and its pretty straight forward. Any tips?
  14. vindex1963

    Clutch shaft oil leak

    Castrol Power 1 5w-40 Mobil 1 M1-110 oil filter. When I shift at 3000-4500 rpm it will stay dry but if I run the motor up to 6000-6500 rpm I get this, oil coming out of the shifter shaft. Bad seal? To much pressure building up? 4000 miles on the oil change and it didn't do this before.
  15. Kevin frazier

    Lucas oil sale

    In case anyone may be interested. Mylucasoil.com
  16. Mike Rocket

    Engine oil level dropping.

    This is my 2nd Rocket 3 and if the bike stands for a couple of weeks the engine oil level drops below the baffle plate in the oil tank. My other rocket done the same so I am assuming this is normal On that bike the oil level dropped out of sight after standing for 3 weeks so as both bikes do it...
  17. Scholle

    Correct oil level check procedure

    In our German Rocket Forum there is a small disagreement about the oil level check procedure on the new Rocket. In the English version of the manual it says that the bike for checking the oil level should be on the side stand, in the German translation it says that the bike should stand upright...
  18. Tal

    2020 Rocket oil filter

    Those of you who have your bikes may be able to enlighten me...what is the brand and number of the oil filter on these new bikes?
  19. EM549

    Chrome Oil Tank Woes

    I purchased a NOS chrome oil tank from my deal in Fort Worth, the part number was listed as A9730136 on the open box. This is the correct part number for my 2008 R3T. I tried, unsuccessfully, to install the oil tank yesterday. My observation is this. The nipple at the back of the chrome oil...
  20. Ishrub

    HansO, Chicken Little says - Yep the sky is burnin' and no sight of Midnight Oil either!

    For those unaware Oz is burning in many places in a bushfire season that started in September about 3 months early and is starting to really impact the whole nation with major fires in All States currently. Some of the fires have burnt over 10000 sq Km (nearly 4000sq miles). Our favourite son...
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