1. Kevin frazier

    Oil Filter to prefill or not

    Do you pre fill oil filter or install right out the box?
  2. rocketbill

    Final drive oil

    Changed my final drive oil today and then noticed it should be fully synthetic. I have been using kawasaki 80w-90 mc gear oil. Changed it when I bought this bike 3k miles ago. Should I go buy the synthetic? Should be 75w-90 I figured 80w-90 was close enough but it was not synthetic. I changed it...
  3. Super low on oil.

    I'm back at the dealer I bought the rocket from (2022 R3GT). I don't trust the 10,000 mile service interval (or year), so I had it serviced by another Triumph dealer in my hometown at 5,000 miles to replace the oil. The tech just came out and asked me where I had it serviced because it is 2.5...
  4. northernrider

    Engine is making oil.

    Well I bought a new to me 2013 roadster last month. I shook it out a bit and had no issues, so decided to take it for my vacation trip. Now I'm over 600 miles from home and it is making oil. My next stop is/was going to be Nashville TN. I'm assuming that it is an injector problem. Are these a...
  5. germ79

    Oil Drain Plug - Non-OEM ok?

    Long story, but I need another drain plug and washer and I really don’t want to wait a week or more to order it. Any reason a standard M14x1.5 oil drain plug won’t work? What about the ones with the manner on the tip? Helpful? Was looking at something like this.
  6. cskals

    Fork oil change, any DIY manual out there?

    Hi all. Thinking of changing the oil in my front suspension, but the manual says it requires a lot of special tools and the forks of the bike as well. Is that really necessary? Or is there an easier way? Thanks in advance.
  7. evomind

    Oil Filter

    Hey folks... Is there any way to remove the oil filter without loosening the front cooler? (2020 R3) I doubt it but thought I would ask. Moving forward, would a K and N filter allow filter change without loosening anything else? Thanks
  8. Chariot

    excessive oil usage

    Need some help.I have now done 6500 miles and find oil usage is quite high more than 1 litre per 1000 miles .I bought the 2017 Rocker 3r with 3500 miles .I suspect the first 3500 miles running in were done with a gentle throttle and the rings never bedded in properly . There is no trace of oil...
  9. BigBoris

    Oil leak from oil hose on top of crankcase

    2013 rocket roadster I have a weeping leak from the small hose that connects the oil tank to the top of the crankcase ( front left hand side of engine) I've had the o ring replaced as the spigot was loose from poor pressing at the factory Sealed up with 2 part engineering (epoxy/ cement) but...
  10. Minderis

    Oil leaking from chromium cap in top left side of engine?

    In this area (red circle) I see some oil (or other liquid) marks. Question: what is covered under chromium cap? Might be some liquid leaking from this place? What it is, as I do not find any info in service manual?
  11. Mahle oil filter?

    Does anyone know if the chrome cover fits on the Mahle oil filter? Other threads indicate that Wix is the go to, but I can't find one available.
  12. Journeyman

    2.5 oil change

    I just did the 600 mile oil change and thought I'd share a few thoughts for those of you who've never done an oil change on these bikes. The long kickstand on the 2.5 makes a tip over waaay too easy, especially when pulling on a wrench from under the bike. Do something/anything about it...
  13. Bob R

    Finding Motor Oil

    If you haven't looked lately finding motor oil in becoming much like finding Waldo. I went to 4 different stores (all of them) in my little burg and found zero bottles of Mobil 1, Valvoline and Motul for an upcoming oil change. It wasn't just the R4T oil that wasn't there but a lot of other...
  14. BigBoris

    What's the best oil/ weight to use

    I've got a 2013 roadster that was originally running 10 W 40 oil castrol I'm now running 10 W 50 oil in the machine and although running well -doesn't seem to have the same grunt as before. Does running at a heavier weight oil do any long-term damage to the engine as I'd like to revert back to...
  15. Journeyman

    Oil Cap Woes

    My oil cap jettisoned at some point this morning on my spirited ride into work. This brings up a couple of questions/thoughts... -While waiting on a replacement to get here from Pinwall Cycle, I was wondering if there might be a commonly available automobile plug that might work in the...
  16. AzRocketman

    Oil Leak At Crank Case Inspection Plug

    I found mt 1st oil leak today. 1800mi on 2020 Rocket. The rear of the engine, the crank case inspection plug. Has anyone else experienced this leak. If not..... FYI, This location is in front of the catalytic converter. Found mine hand tight. I re-torqued to (8Nm)
  17. kipper

    Oil Change

    Just done oil and filter change for the 10th time ,next will be fitting new tyres 11th set, bike still running great. :)
  18. 20R3GT

    Oil leak on left side under cooper washer

    I’m new for forum so I hope some one have any ideas about what and how it can be done without kidney sale and go with all those money in to the robbers triumph shops!! Small almost invisible leak aper on left side off motorcycle rocket3 gt 2020 under intake! Did try myself tightening that bolt...
  19. Bonzo

    Engine oil transferring into void

    2020 R3GT at dealer for service, 1 year 4,500 miles. refilling engine oil it took about 1.5 litres over the capacity to even register on the dip stick. Triumph tech say the oil is transferring into a void in the engine where an oil seal has been omitted on assembly. Repairing it under warranty...
  20. Cotriple

    Oil leak after service

    Hello all. New member first post. Have a 2020 R3. Noticed the much mentioned oil leak from bolt on top front of engine. The thing is that it only started leaking after my 600 mile service. Oil overfilled?