1. BigBoris

    Oil leak from oil hose on top of crankcase

    2013 rocket roadster I have a weeping leak from the small hose that connects the oil tank to the top of the crankcase ( front left hand side of engine) I've had the o ring replaced as the spigot was loose from poor pressing at the factory Sealed up with 2 part engineering (epoxy/ cement) but...
  2. HELP -Water Pump Return Hose /Tube removal question

    Hi all, We are in the process of removing the engine front cover and have a question on the removal of the wayer pump chrome tube. We removed the bolt - does it just pull out or do we have to remove the nut from the other side of the engine?? It may have an O-Ring and just being stubborn but...
  3. Mysterious air hose under tank

    I'm installing freshly washed injector nozzles, and I have an extra hose under the tank. Yes I looked where it might plug into, do you think I'd accept this risk of public humiliation if I hadn't looked? And failed to find it? Here's what the hose looks like. I'm going to lie down with a cool...
  4. Darron1117

    Hose replacement

    Hello Rocketeers, Will probably replace my stock radiator hoses with Samco hoses this weekend. Is there anything challenging or special I need to watch out for? Is removing the radiator to do the job very challenging? I'm probably average to a wee bit above average mechanically with...
  5. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Front brake top hose

    Hi. Wanted to fit a new pair of handlebars on our 3 today but they were a tad longer and means that the top front brake hose isn't long enough. What's the deal with the hose join where it splits into 2? The top hose has a banjo at the top, is it a simple screw thread where it joins up on the...
  6. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Does the R3R 2011 have braided brake hose as standard?

    Daft maybe question. Is the R3 Roadster 2011 fitted with braided brake hoses? They certainly look like it. I'm looking to upgrade my front braking and I see Goodrich and HEL lines available, but if it is already braided I don't see the point in replacing them for others.
  7. Martin-Brighton-uk

    2011 R3R - Which breather hose is which, on the fuel tank

    So you know in the manual where for fuel tank removal process it states: 1. Raise and prop the fuel tank 2. Make a note of or mark the position of the two breather hoses at the front left of the tank What if someone (me) skipped step 2 thinking that just laying the hoses on the bike frame...
  8. Pumbaa


    Step 1. Put Bike on Dyno Step 2. Start making noise Step 3. Pop the Radiator Hose Step 4. Wash the Dyno Step 5. Go find a Mop Good news, bike is ok.. Dyno is still a bit wet, Step 6. Order new Silicon Hoses Step 7. Refill Cooling Fluid Step 8. Start again at step 1