oil leak

  1. 1Steve

    HELP!!!!! Oil leaking from bottom pan?

    I am not remotely mechanically savy. My new-to-me 2015 Rocket 3 Touring just started leaking today. I rode it for probably 300 miles Sunday, no leaks. Then today I rode about 35 miles and parked it. When I went back out to the garage there was something underneath it. At the time I thought it...
  2. BigBoris

    Oil leak from oil hose on top of crankcase

    2013 rocket roadster I have a weeping leak from the small hose that connects the oil tank to the top of the crankcase ( front left hand side of engine) I've had the o ring replaced as the spigot was loose from poor pressing at the factory Sealed up with 2 part engineering (epoxy/ cement) but...
  3. SemperRocket

    Leaking head gasket.

    Good day Rocketmen, I am so overjoyed and astonished with my 22 Triple Black GT. Rode 2k miles to the trail of the dragon 3 weeks ago and it was a religious experience. Totally amazing. Adrenaline for days. Those roads were superb. That being said, a week before I started my trip I took a...