oil leak

  1. Deamonkiller

    Oil leak

    Does anybody have the same problem as I. It doesn't look like an easy fix. There's a bolt on the bottom of the dipstick tube which access is going to be difficult. I had the gas tank and Plenum off today. I had too much going on to try to fix it. I'll have to order the O-ring and then fix it...
  2. Pdupps

    Oil Leak on 08 R3 Touring

    Hey guys, I recently sprung an oil leak on my 08 Rocket III Touring that has me scratching my head. Was hoping some else might have ran into this before. It doesn't leak at all in short runs 15 mins, no matter how hard i ride it. It seems to only start leaking in longer runs. 30 mins or so. It's...
  3. 1Steve

    HELP!!!!! Oil leaking from bottom pan?

    I am not remotely mechanically savy. My new-to-me 2015 Rocket 3 Touring just started leaking today. I rode it for probably 300 miles Sunday, no leaks. Then today I rode about 35 miles and parked it. When I went back out to the garage there was something underneath it. At the time I thought it...
  4. BigBoris

    Oil leak from oil hose on top of crankcase

    2013 rocket roadster I have a weeping leak from the small hose that connects the oil tank to the top of the crankcase ( front left hand side of engine) I've had the o ring replaced as the spigot was loose from poor pressing at the factory Sealed up with 2 part engineering (epoxy/ cement) but...
  5. SemperRocket

    Leaking head gasket.

    Good day Rocketmen, I am so overjoyed and astonished with my 22 Triple Black GT. Rode 2k miles to the trail of the dragon 3 weeks ago and it was a religious experience. Totally amazing. Adrenaline for days. Those roads were superb. That being said, a week before I started my trip I took a...