1. rocketbill

    Radiator leak

    Is it possible to have a leak from the right lower bolt that holds the chrome in place? I think that is where I have a small leak. pulled the screw out and rad fluid started coming out. On the up side if a rad shop cant fix my radiator then after market ones are 215 plus shipping on e bay (gpi...
  2. Check your radiator hose

    hi All, I found on my bike that radiator hose was not properly pushed in all the way to the stopper, I asked couple rocket owners online and I found that few of them did not have the radiator hose pushed properly 'in' all the way up to the stopper . I am not sure if its a big deal as the...
  3. Cushman

    Front of radiator SS bulldog art

    Hi, does anyone know if the SS bulldog radiator attachment will course overheating. Thank you.
  4. Whylee

    Removing the top radiator cover

    While I continue on with my winter mods, I want to paint the front fender monting legs and radiator top cover. Has anyone removed the top cover?. I cant see how its all mounted and dont want to break anything. I just dont like the silver on those parts in the pic below, thinking black would...
  5. Radiator woes, help!

    Anyone have any success installing one of the aluminum radiators off ebay? I ordered one and cant seem to make it fit. They sent a replacement and I am having the same problem. I slide it onto the bracket on the bottom and then the holes at the top are off by a large margin. Maybe 5/8" I...
  6. Bow

    Revo radiator experience

    I was wondering if somebody has experience with the Revo radiator, it's not cheap . But it looks great and it is bigger. So maybe more and better cooling during this warm summer. I like to hear what your experience is.
  7. Bouyy93

    Radiator Overflow

    Hey all, does anyone have instructions for how to relocate my radiator overflow tank from under the bearclaw to under the seat for the not so mechanically inclined?
  8. haxxan

    Radiator Cap Fitting

    Hi, Recently I lost the Radiator Cover Cap of my Rocket 3R 2020. I ordered this part (T2100859) which is with a screw and without the fitting grover like the previous one. This new Cap is not fitting properly. I need to ask if I need to order T2101083 (Cover, RAD Filler, MLDG) also. Thanks...
  9. Rheo

    Radiator cover replacement.

    Hey folks, I just got the Carbon fibre radiator covers from Carbonfdr. Has anyone ever had the radiator off? The screws for the rad cover seemed to be buried and only accessible if the rad is pulled away from the frame. These will look awesome if I don’t have to disassemble the entire cooling...
  10. R3RM

    A screw fell off from the rad cowl (?) : how to put it back ?

    Hello, while cleaning my R3R, I've noticed that the left and upper rad cowl was not fixed as it should. While checking it, a screw just fell down. :oops: I guess this screw may be the one corresponding to part nbr 24 as per the picture below (?) I cannot not find how to put it back. Any...
  11. Ishrub

    Carbon fibre radiator guards

    10% GST tax on Aussie eBay link below but not US or other eBays...
  12. dhernb

    Radiator overflow tank relocation

    Does anyone have a photo of their tank mounted under the seat?
  13. buddazero

    Radiator Cooling Fan stopped working (Fixed)

    So, two days ago I was riding home, got stuck in traffic, and the temp light comes on, which is normal in NYC traffic. However, this time when I got out of traffic , light never turned off. I pulled into a McDonalds driveway, got my quick midnight dinner. When I hopped on, temp light comes on...
  14. Brent Baer

    Need help. Air box cover pics/ radiator

    Hey rocketeers! 2011 roadster rider here, had er a part for a couple years. Can anyone send me some pics fo how to put the air box cover thingy back together? oh and anyway you guys wanna sell a good radiator?
  15. Rads

    Radiator cover removal

    How do I remove radiator cover to paint it?
  16. ehh

    Leaking radiator

    I was cleaning my 2013 Roadster, Saturday 3 weeks ago as I was going on a longer trip Tuesday when I noticed that the radiator was leaking out of the core, probably done it for a while as I thought I could smell coolant but never saw a puddle under the bike. I rang a couple of "Stealerships" to...
  17. CvSisinthehouse

    Radiator Shroud question

    My right side radiator shroud on my 2016 Roadster is cracked in a couple spots. I see one on Ebay from an '09 Touring. Will this probably fit? thanks
  18. Plow Horse

    Radiator fan question

    Factory setting the fan comes on at 103C. Can someone tell me at what temp does the fan turn off. I am noticing somethings that I am finding a bit puzzling. Dealership installed a digital temp gauge on Edsel last week to help monitor the demons that possesses him. I have the fan temp set to...
  19. Darron1117

    Radiator level

    Hello Rocketeers, Checked my radiator level and had to add about a cup to see the coolant at the top of the filler neck. Can't see anything in the overflow with bike upright. Bike is not leaking coolant or if it is it's beyond me seeing, but sure it's not. Has never run hot. Replace stock w/...
  20. stollydriver

    Radiator cap

    Has anyone else lost their radiator cap ( the dummy one) ? - came back from a ride and you guessed it - gone and I'm gutted.