1. Bedifferent

    Blacked Out Grill...Powder Coat?

    I've seen some pictures and have been thinking about blacking out just the grill on my touring. I believe the look appeals to me more. I know some have painted theirs, but I would like something a little tougher. I would prefer not to have to be touching it up if the chrome breaks through in...
  2. steve59

    Blacked out grill

    I really like the matte black on the new roadsters so I bought a can of spray paint and did my standard bear claw, and radiator grill. It came out good but a warning to anyone thinking about doing it antifreeze is starting to leak a little from the screw holes I had to remove to get the plastic...
  3. canadiancopper2014

    Radiator Grill

    Good day all, I have been searching high and low, for someone who can make the rad grill the colour of the Union Jack. I remember seeing one on a bike that was listed on ebay many years ago. Is there a service and or a do it yourself kit that will in the end show a beautiful Union Jack in...
  4. Rad Grill

    Hi, ive asked this before but cant find the thread, i want to black the chrome rad grill after buying carbon rad ends, will it spray over chrome or should i get it blasted first ?:confused:
  5. Radiator Grill

    Hi is it possible to powdercoat rad grill?
  6. grill insert

    grill insert

    a little something for the front of the bike.
  7. RidinSunshine

    Custom Grill Insert

    a sunny day in sunny land
  8. xhdskip

    Grill Inserts

    Ok, everybody saw Lons grill insert. I ordered one, and I'm here to tell you, That man does good work. It arrived as a glossy Black insert. I installed it that way, and it looked good. I took pictures of it. But It just didn't draw your eyes immedieatly to it like I thought it should. I...
  9. DSCN0086


    Homade grill
  10. Radiator Grills

    These fantastic stainless steel radiator embellishers are defiantly an eye catching feature a must have for the discerning rocket owner!!! They are of the highest quality made by our very own rocket project Engineer Madtaz who takes great pride in the items he produces These fit to...