.060 Over
Mar 9, 2006
These fantastic stainless steel radiator embellishers are defiantly an eye catching feature a must have for the discerning rocket owner!!!

They are of the highest quality made by our very own rocket project Engineer Madtaz who takes great pride in the items he produces

These fit to the radiator fixing screws and do not just wedge behind the radiator cowls, they also have three spars down the centre (not two like some inferior quality ones sold on ebay)

I have been asked for info about mine so have
Taken from the members section of UK owners site . I have been told they are £ 125 inc postage to your distant country .
If any one want s further info pm me , and I will give you the email of the person to deal with
That's $248 American for those wondering. That is a sharp add on but I need to save my pennies for my Cat Bypass. Does the UK gentleman make them often?