1. Head light upgrade

    Just another thread and as you guest it I'm going to be busy in the new year, I have a 2012 Roadster and I want to upgrade from a H4 to LED headlights if possible and from what I can ascertain here in the UK is that if any vehicle originally has a H4 head light you cannot put a LED bulb into...
  2. Gleekzorp

    Switching off head lights (or: where is this instrument panel connector)

    Hi all, On my 2016 Roadster I'd like to put a switch in the head lights ground wire, to be able to completely switch them off (instead of pulling the fuse every time using Tuneecu). Studying the wiring diagram, it must be the Black wire on pin 10 of the instrument panel connector. But: where do...
  3. Earthquake

    Can head gasket be down with engine in the bike and are there specialty tools needed?

    Iver never done a head gasket before I’ve done some easy stuff on other bikes primary’s cam covers but never a head looking to tackle this with my brother in law which is a master Hyundai tech trying to figure out what we’ll need for tools and if it can be down without dropping the engine out...
  4. Onewheelwonder

    Head gasket leak...

    Figured I'd ask the pros on here for a little advice. Noticed an oil weep behind the oil tank at the end of last season, finally got around to investigating and it looks like the head gasket. Not the cam cover gasket, that leaks on the exhaust side. Lol. No trace of oil above the head gasket and...
  5. Steering Head Bolt Tightening

    HI; My 2021 Rocket 3 GT makes a clunking noise when I come to a stop. Took it to the dealer, and they claim the steering head bolt is lose and requires tightening. They want $250 to do so. The bike is still under warrantee (~2500 miles on it), and claim it is not covered. Questions: Is this...
  6. SpazOnaR3

    Carpenter Head Bolt Torque Spec?

    I'm a bit of a numpty, and misplaced my spec sheet... does anyone recall what the final torque spec is for the Carpenter head bolts?
  7. rainman

    Head count for Maggie valley 2022

    Rainman and sweet babe Billb and Laura
  8. Choptop

    Head gasket weeping oil.

    Picked up my '15 Rocket/Trike conversion last year w/7,500 miles, it is my 1st Triumph, after I got back from a Yellowstone trip I noticed that my head gasket was weeping oil on the right side, may have been doing it when I bought it, not sure. I am getting it ready for this years Wi. riding...
  9. RockOn

    Allen Head Hex Socket Size?

    When I bought my '06 Classic a few years ago the first thing I needed was a new front tire. I removed the wheel axle("spindle") to remove the wheel but I'll be darned if I can remember what I used on the axle or where it is now. Measuring flat to flat(is that right or should it be corner to...
  10. m6w6

    Removing cylinder head

    Hey there! Is it possible to remove the cylinder head with the camshafts still attached while the engine is still in the bike? Or asked differently: What MUST be removed from the bike/engine to lift the head? Thanks in advance!
  11. Micksan

    Clutch cable scratch my head.

    Some of you may have seen my last bit about clutch cables. That cable was too short. The previous owner had installed a different handlebar. The cable was very hard to pull the clutch lever. Plus he had moved the bottom cam off the alignment marks. I guess to get it to fit. I ordered a 6...
  12. Tal

    Scratching my head over these new Triple Blacks....

    I have been watching a few vids on the new Triple blacks and found i'm wondering about a few things.... I have a GT now in black because i wasnt to keen on the silver...i see the the new Triple black GT has silver on the front of the tank....not sure about that choice...the rest of the bike is...
  13. Kevin frazier

    Head bolts (Proper tool)

    when claviger built my cylinder head last year one bolt almost wrecked his world, he had to order a special tool to bite into the head of that one bolt that was being a bugger(stipping$). I dont want that. It seems to be a t55? ( t55 is loose) please advise on the proper bit tool to use for this...
  14. Walking Tall

    Head shake on decel

    A funny thing happened to me yesterday. Throttle closed or nearly closed, in 2nd or 3rd, I took both hands off the bars as I was coming up on a red light. As I did this, the front end of my R3R, shook side to side. I've always associated this behavior with higher speeds. Does anyone on here have...
  15. BillB

    Head count for Josey's cooking supplies in WV

    All right people. Glen's got less than 2 weeks to get his ducks in a row. Sign up or go hungry Cut of date is Saturday June 6th UPDATE CUTOFF IS 10AM ON JUNE 6 Billb +2. Kevin F. Stb and Jay. Warp Boog + 1 Paul + Wei Mel + Sandy Ham+1 Tdragger Tribal Yogi...
  16. rainman

    Head count WV

    How bout a head count for WV to see who is still going Stb +1
  17. Rocketrottie

    L.E.D. Head and tail lights. What are you using???

    Just wondering. Thinking about doing the swap.
  18. Stillserving

    head gasket change...tips/tricks?

    Looks like I'm going to have to change the head gasket on my '17 Roadster for an oil leak. Haven't looked too far into the job, but I know several of you have had the head off. Got any good tips/tricks, things I should be prepared for? Also any special tools I'm going to need? Trying to start...
  19. Roadster Reggie

    Real head scratcher

    My 2013 Roadster ran great since I got it last year, 36,000 miles on it now. I took the cam cover off to do a valve clearance check a few months ago, had the throttles off too, clearances all good so I put everything back. It ran ok but a little lumpy, and people on Facebook recommended...
  20. rgrabits

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 head

    Need a head for 08 rocket 3