clutch cable

  1. KalSaint

    You Win Some, You Lose Some

    The win: Finding a local tuner that works with Tune ECU. The Lose: Noticed that it was almost impossible to shift from first into neutral while sitting at red lights. Figured that since the bike had an original 1000 when I got it, another 1000 miles later the clutch cable had probably stretched...
  2. Micksan

    Clutch cable scratch my head.

    Some of you may have seen my last bit about clutch cables. That cable was too short. The previous owner had installed a different handlebar. The cable was very hard to pull the clutch lever. Plus he had moved the bottom cam off the alignment marks. I guess to get it to fit. I ordered a 6...
  3. Kim Turner

    Clutch cable lengths

    What is the correct standard length of the 2007 Classic clutch cable? What will fit from previous or later years? Thank you
  4. kingmerle

    Clutch cable issues plus. looking for answers as to why?

    I broke my clutch cable yesterday on my r3t with 40 k on it. I can live with that problem but what occurred with it has got me completely baffled. The linkage on the shift lever bent in a 90 degree angle and snapped the shift levers pivot point completely off. Any ideas as to why a broken cable...
  5. Bob spruce

    Transmission not engaging

    05 Classic. I put in a new clutch and detent spring. I have put it all back together. And it's not engaging the transmission. Will move to neutral, but when you click first at acts like it is going into gear. But it's not. Is that a clutch cable adjustment?. I replaced the cable also.
  6. DodahMan

    Clutch cable problem

    Folks, I feel like an idiot. I fabricated a pair of 2 inch riser extensions this weekend out of billet aluminum. While installing them today, I had an issue with the clutch cable so I thought I would loosen it up then reinstall and reset. I got the bars mounted ok but I simply can not manage...
  7. Bedifferent

    Clutch Cable Length Pictures...Rivco

    Hi all....Someone wanted to see pictures showing the difference between a 1 1/2" longer clutch cable and a 2 1/2" longer clutch cable when swapping out for the Rivco Risers. I just changed mine out using the 2 1/2 ". I suppose 2" might be a compromise. I prefer a little smoother arc...
  8. 1olbull

    Rocket Clutch Cable Install

    This is done so seldom one usually forgets how and has to reinvent the wheel. After several bar changes, I have bit the bullet and changed out my bars to a set that required lengthening all my wiring and the control cables. This long-ass adventure has involved many iterations of routing...
  9. DQDude

    Clutch Cable Help

    Got an 2006 R3 and the clutch doesn't want to fully disengage when at a stop. It will clank around until I'm at a stop and sometimes it will want to keep going and I'll have to keep the brakes engaged, sometimes it's like it should be. I noticed both the handle adjuster and lower adjuster are...
  10. The Kiwi

    Queensland member who wanted a clutch cable

    Where do I send a spare I have?? Mal the Kiwi.
  11. Rivco Risers - Clutch Cable

    Today I noticed that the clutch cable cover on my 2011 R3T is worn through. When the mechanic installed a Rivco riser a year ago he routed the stock clutch cable behind the triple tree but the cover still wore through on the side directly opposite the spot on the cable that contacts the triple...
  12. JoDon

    For Sale Service Manual & Clutch Cable for Sale

    I sold my 2013 Rocket Roadster and have a hard copy service manual, new clutch cable and new Titanium Lean Angle Sensors for sale on eBay. The item number for the manual is 231700508246. You can search on that and look at other items in the store and see the cable. Also have a headlight bulb...
  13. Bigfoot

    clutch cable change gone wrong

    I hope there is an easier fix to this problem other than take it to stealer to fix!....... While changing the clutch cable, the clutch arm ( the one down on the engine) went limp on me and by that I mean after getting the cable ends into both sockets I then went to pull the clutch lever and I...
  14. ricochet

    Clutch cable adjustment

    Hey guys 3rd time riding my rocket and I've decided I want to adjust my clutch lever to make the transmission kick in much sooner. Right now the lever goes almost all the way out before the bike starts moving and I don't like that. I want the bike to start moving as soon as I start releasing...
  15. JackC

    Clutch cable length

    Has anyone put a slightly longer cable onto to clutch to suit bar risers. I can run the cable outside of the plastic cowl and it works, but I would rather have a cable that's maybe 35mm longer (1 1/2" in old money). I have fitted a pair of ROX adjustable risers set quite low to bring the bars...
  16. oradbaforpsoft

    Changing/removing clutch cable

    I was changing out the sport screen for the tall windshield on my roadster and it required rerouting the clutch cable back to it's normal position. Here's what I did: I loosened the lock nut at the bottom (engine side) and loosened the adjuster as much as possible - still not a lot of play in...
  17. Clutch cable aftermarket

    I have just received my 2" over clutch from Barnett. As I have not yet received my workshop manual out here in Oz, I want to exercise a little caution. Can I assume it's a standard remove ? ie, loosen cable at lever, remove clutch lever and unseat cable, then use bottlenose pliers to slip out...
  18. Longer Clutch Cable ?

    Hi Guys, I just spent a very unproductive couple of hours trying to install my new 10" mini apes. (Christmas present from The Chosen One) I put these on all my cruisers as they give me a better wrist angle and better fit my 6'7" frame. original eyesight check of cable lengths...
  19. wilbur-t

    Broken Clutch Cable

    My clutch cable broke Saturday.:mad: Broke right at the lever on the engine block. Looks like the slot that it pivots in has sharp edges and they sawed right through it. Got a new cable coming, and I'm going to bevel those sharp edges off the clutch lever before installing it.
  20. rusty

    Clutch cable bend relief

    Hey everyone, I put the Rivco Risers on the Rocket a few weeks ago & have always had a concern about the re-routing of the clutch cable behind the fork top. When the fork is turned hard left (to the stop), the clutch cable gets in this "snake" sort of shape which I don't feel good about. Last...