Clutch cable bend relief


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey everyone, I put the Rivco Risers on the Rocket a few weeks ago & have always had a concern about the re-routing of the clutch cable behind the fork top. When the fork is turned hard left (to the stop), the clutch cable gets in this "snake" sort of shape which I don't feel good about. Last weekend as I revisited that issue, I imagined an approach which might improve the cable routing. Turning the fork hard right exposes the area where the cable passes down to the engine "behind" the black plastic frame cover. There is an opening in this cover where the cable disappears and upon investigation, I found nothing behind the cover (in that area) but a few bundles of wiring. I popped the cable forward out of the respective notch, grabbed the drimmel tool with a small mill cutting bit & went to work. By holding the wires up and assuring I did not plunge the bit too far, I made another slot behind the original one. After a little cleanup, I popped the cable back into the original slot & then further back into the new slot. Turning the fork hard left now does not put as much of a distorted shape in the cable & I am satisfied. Just this little alteration really allows the cable to route more cleanly during hard left turning. I may even attack this again for more routing relief.
Some of the Rockets with the risers either did not reroute the cable or acquired a longer one to leave the routing "in front" of the fork top plate (I'm referring to Hondax, whose unit was modified when he bought it). Vonbonds & I both agreed that something had to be different on Hondaxs' Rocket because we both tried to leave the clutch cable in front of the fork but the stock cable is too short.
Anyway, for what it's worth. See ya.


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