1. Hi From Queensland

    Thanks for the add.I am based in Brisbane Qld and am currently looking for a Rocket 3 To replace my Harley :)
  2. Nifty

    2005 Rocket III

    Hi everyone, a 2005 Rocket III owner now for 6 months from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Loving the new bike. Have bought some new led headlights but also wanting some new led indicators. Can anyone recommend.
  3. Jeffro

    Hello from Central Queensland, Australia

    About time I introduced myself, have been lurking couple of years since buying R3T. Wife and I flew over to Perth bought bike and rode back to Rockhampton October 2015. Took us 11 days with a bit of sight seeing in between, 7500 kms overall. Nullabor Plain [Esperence to Ceduna] 2 days stopping...
  4. Dev'o Rockets

    Thought I should say hi, Qualified LV Mechanic from Brisbane Queensland.

    My Bikes by Dev'o Rockets posted Mar 10, 2018 at 11:29 PM

    Shocking news from Queensland....

    Would probably be wise to keep a safe distance while riding in a group.....:eek::D
  6. The Kiwi

    Queensland member who wanted a clutch cable

    Where do I send a spare I have?? Mal the Kiwi.
  7. Muff

    Hello from Central Queensland, Australia.

    Hi everyone, thanks for accepting me to this site. I am an Iraqi Veteran that rides a Rocket 3 Tourer (08) with a 119k's on it and a member of the VVMC/VMC Australia. I tow a camper trailer behind the rocket and I'm also a darksider with a car tyre on the back. I now get 45k out of a tyre now...