1. Jeffro

    Hello from Central Queensland, Australia

    About time I introduced myself, have been lurking couple of years since buying R3T. Wife and I flew over to Perth bought bike and rode back to Rockhampton October 2015. Took us 11 days with a bit of sight seeing in between, 7500 kms overall. Nullabor Plain [Esperence to Ceduna] 2 days stopping...
  2. Dev'o Rockets

    Thought I should say hi, Qualified LV Mechanic from Brisbane Queensland.

    My Bikes by Dev'o Rockets posted Mar 10, 2018 at 11:29 PM

    Shocking news from Queensland....

    Would probably be wise to keep a safe distance while riding in a group.....:eek::D
  4. The Kiwi

    Queensland member who wanted a clutch cable

    Where do I send a spare I have?? Mal the Kiwi.
  5. Muff

    Hello from Central Queensland, Australia.

    Hi everyone, thanks for accepting me to this site. I am an Iraqi Veteran that rides a Rocket 3 Tourer (08) with a 119k's on it and a member of the VVMC/VMC Australia. I tow a camper trailer behind the rocket and I'm also a darksider with a car tyre on the back. I now get 45k out of a tyre now...
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