1. Nungers

    Fuel Tank Upgrade

    I have just got my bike back from the panel shop. They widened the tank to hold more fuel 330km and the fuel light came on, 2 bars left. 440km the gauge said empty 482km and ran out of fuel 24ltrs to fill from dead empty Attached is a couple of pics before and after, welll not quite, I for got...
  2. Gregger

    Harley's 2,212cc Upgrade...

    https://www.motorcycledaily.com/2023/03/harley-offers-8000-crate-motor-with-2212cc-and-130-rear-wheel-horsepower-for-touring-models/ They're getting close to the older 2300 Rocket... but not close enough. 130hp at 5500 rpm and 143 ft/lbs of torque at 3500.... not too shabby and that's at the...
  3. DNA Air filter upgrade

    The Difference in amazing.

    hello, Factory spark plugs are from NGK and used in following type of older model motorcycles ( not impressive to me ) I expected premium grade spark plugs in this rocket 3 R. I want to to upgrade the spark plugs to better technology from NGK, I did quite a bit of research and made this...
  5. verticalspark

    Advice Needed: Upgrade intake with unknown tune on PCIII

    I have an 05 with a stock air box configuration and full Jardine exhaust and have been looking at either buying the K&N pod filters or Ramair as an upgrade over the stock but I have an issue. I was tearing the bike down to get a good visual inspection and found a Power Commander III with an...
  6. StuBash

    Exhaust upgrade

    Love my 2014 Rocket III Turing bike. Fits me like a glove. Looking to upgrade the exhaust and maybe make it a bit louder as well. Any recommendations?
  7. copperhog

    Hi from another UK Newbie to the Rocket 3 community

    Hi, just came across this forum and it's a great source of info for someone who's recently purchased an R3 GT (my previous ride was a Bonneville Bobber Black). Looking forward to reading more about owners' experiences and also to pick up loads of useful tips on this beast! Hopefully at some...

    Hello All, I found this air filter from DNA which is reusable and adds 5more HP to rocket3r 2022. DNA ROCKET AIR FILTER WEBSITE Now, I am considering following options as I already have werkes exhaust installed. Option 1- Werkes + DNA Filter + Penner map to ECU Option 2- Werkes + DNA...
  9. micromike1


    Hi Guys Anyone in the UK found a part number for the 1.4kw starter motor upgrade ?
  10. adelaideVMC

    Best torque / HP upgrade route pls.

    G’day All ! Firstly, thanks for all the help / advice / parts (Ishrub!) so far... Briefly, and pls delete if this info already here somewhere. Point me towards it tho first pls... What’s the best Torque/HP upgrade route? 2008 Classic, custom pipes, ram air, ozclaw, Mittzy rad tube, air box...
  11. adelaideVMC

    Best initial HP upgrade choice pls

    G’day all ! Firstly, thanks heaps for all help / advice / gear (ISHRUB!!) so far. Briefly, and sorry if this info is already here, just point me in the right direction and delete this.... what is the best way to go for more HP .. actually torque??? (torque is King in the real world - Boris...
  12. Venus2050

    Auto canceling turn signal upgrade

    My ride is a beautiful 2008 R3T. It’s turn signal switch requires a manual input to quickly cancel the signal following a left or right turn. I would like to modify the switch with a automatic turn signal cancellation module that would cancel the signal without user intervention. As there are...
  13. Bouyy93

    Upgrade thoughts

    Hey folks, so I have had the R3T for about a month now so it's about time to be looking at starting the upgrades. I am starting with the obvious and have a cable for the ECU on the way. I'm also looking at the carpenter exhaust. Has anyone used the sidewinder edition on their touring model who...
  14. Chariot

    Clutch upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade the clutch on my 2016 model. Was there any factory upgrades ?
  15. Karl Tyrson

    Shocks upgrade

    After a couple of months of waiting and planning, I finally got my new YSS Z-series shocks and immediately proceeded to make the change. The Progressive Susp. Were about 6 year old but lacked maintenance entirely from former owner. So, I took the olds out, installed the fresh ones and took a...
  16. bernard

    Quick LED upgrade

    During the 2020 West RAA, I noticed it was hard to see the rear turn signals on the older incandescent Rockets, especially in the day time. The new Rocket LED turn signals 'pop' and it's easy to tell if the rider is going to turn. So I decided to upgrade my 2014 R3R rear turn signals on the...
  17. Morph1976

    2007 rocket 3 classic exhaust upgrade

    Hi guys, I've been reading through a lot of posts and the majority of which have been US guys. What I'm after is an idea of cost in the uk. I have owned my bike for 5 weeks having come from a kawasaki vulcan 900 and took the baffles out which produced a nice sound and want to achieve the same...
  18. Stillserving

    Seat Upgrade - Opinions/Options

    I think it's about time to upgrade my seat. I've got a roadster w/ the pillion seat on and the backrest/luggage rack and hard bags. I rarely have a passenger, but on the off chance I can get the wife to ride, I leave it on. Seats obviously are not cheap, so I'm trying to get as many opinions...
  19. RaiderJim60

    Starter Upgrade for my R3

    Hi , any idea to upgrade my starter.