competition werkes


    Hello All, I found this air filter from DNA which is reusable and adds 5more HP to rocket3r 2022. DNA ROCKET AIR FILTER WEBSITE Now, I am considering following options as I already have werkes exhaust installed. Option 1- Werkes + DNA Filter + Penner map to ECU Option 2- Werkes + DNA...
  2. Caraqs

    Hi guys!New member here - Rocket 3 R

    Hello everyone! I´ve been following the forum and i think is time to be part of the comunitty. Very proud owner of a Rocket 3 R.Mine´s a red one.I heard they are faster. Bike is still stock other than the sports pillion seat but i just bought a Competition Werkes with the baffles.It arrives...
  3. Zutt

    Competition Werkes Exhaust, With or Without DB Killers?

    Hi all. I have the CW pipes and absolutely love the sound, it's intoxicating, but on longer rides it can get a little loud after a while, so considering the DB killers. Those who have Comp Werkes exhaust, are you running them with or without the DB Killers? Do they substantially "kill" the...
  4. Competition Werkes and Penner map

    Hello All, Can you please tell me if Penner map is working good for you with Werkes exhaust? I am planning to do both things at once on my rocket within 2 weeks so just curious. Cheers
  5. CrusaderGeneral

    Rocket 3 TFC with Competition Werkes Exhaust: RUNNING HOT!!!

    Greetings, I just had CW exhaust installed on my TFC (deleting the Cat), and holy crap its a totally different bike. Amazing sound and performance upgrade, albeit I think I lost some bottom end.. The problem is that now this mofo is running real hot, feels like I'm sitting on top of an oven...
  6. avijay

    Competition Werkes

    I spent a couple hours today installing the new exhaust, fit and finish is excellent, quality is definitely there, the sound is 1000 times better than stock, very happy with the purchase.
  7. Cactusprick

    Noob from Arizona

    Hi all, newbie in Phoenix, AZ and just got my Rocket 3R last week. This is also my first Triumph. I'm in the process of installing a tail tidy and some CompWerkes slip-ons. Instead of the typical break-in I had the dealer do it via Dyno. Also added the wind screen from the GT. My other...